Sara McLean news

bbuk sara Big Brother's Sara McLean pops up on new Channel 4 reality show

Former Big Brother housemate Sara McLean appears in a new Channel 4 reality series this week.

Big Brother 2012 final: Housemates speculate who will win

It's the Big Brother 2012 final tonight, and the housemates have already started speculating this morning who will win the prize money.

Big Brother 2012: Sara rows with Luke S and Ashleigh!

A row broke through the Big Brother UK house last night, as Sara challenged both Luke S and Ashleigh.

Big Brother latest: Deana, Luke A bitch about Sara!

Despite the Big Brother 2012 final just days away, the housemates still can't stop bitching!

Big Brother 2012: Scott and Sara become security guards for museum task

Scott and Sara have become security guards for this week's final Big Brother shopping task.

Big Brother 2012: Housemates react to final nomination results

Nominated Big Brother housemate Scott is convinced he's leaving on Friday, after the latest nomination results were revealed.

Big Brother 2012: Sara and Scott loving the house without Conor!

Big Brother housemates Sara and Scott have remarked how nice the house is without Conor!

Big Brother news: Deana warns: 'I'm not holding back anymore'

Deana has warned her fellow Big Brother housemates that she won't be holding back anymore, after arguing with Sara.

PICTURES! Big Brother's Sara cries as she leaves the White Room

Sara becomes the first housemate to leave Big Brother's White Room on tonight's show, but not before another task.

Big Brother 2012: Sara and Deana make up (for now...)

After their latest spat, Big Brother's Deana and Sara made up this afternoon... but how long will it last?

Big Brother 2012: Sara falls out with Deana again! (VIDEO)

Another split has has torn its way through the Big Brother house today, with Sara and Deana again falling out.

Big Brother 2012: Deana and Sara clash over politics!

An argument in the Big Brother house is no longer really news, but one about politics is certainly unusual!

Big Brother video: Sara leaves the White Room!

Sara has left the White Room after 28 hours inside, passing on a guaranteed spot in the Big Brother 2012 final.

Big Brother 2012: Sara leaves the White Room!

One of Luke S, Sara or Conor has left Big Brother's White Room tonight, but what went on?