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Eastender's Baby Swap Storyline set to climax at Tanya and Greg's wedding?

Could these be the scenes that millions of viewers have been waiting for? Rumour has it, the photo to my left which was taken earlier this week as cast of...

Sam Womack confirmed as returning to Eastenders after a year!

Eastenders actress Samantha Womack's departure will only be temporary as Ronnie Mitchell will be winging it back to Walford 12 months after her departure. The actress who confirmed her departure...

Eastenders' Nina Wadia praises ''amazing Womack,Wallace'' over Baby Swap storyline

Popular Eastenders actress Nina Wadia has praised her co-stars Samantha Womack and Jessie Wallace for their fantastic acting skills during the controversial baby swap storyline.

Eastenders stars 'offered counselling' after filming cot death storyline

Stars of the soap Eastenders have reportedly been offered counselling after filming a dramatic and upsetting cot death storyline. According to The Sun, filming of the episode had to be...