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big-brother-2013-wrestle-task-2 Big Brother 2013: Wrestling task continues as Jack and Joe, Sam and Sophie prepare to fight

Big Brother's latest shopping task continues today, as Jack and Joe and Sam and Sophie prepare to do battle.

BB_Gina Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio's not happy with Sam Evans' crush on her!

Gins Rio isn't happy with Sam Evans in the big Brother 2013 house.

BB_Sophie Big Brother 2013 nominations: Sophie Lawrence angry over Sam Evans' vote

Sophie Lawrence and Sam Evan's friendship seems to be over in the Big Brother 2013 house.

Dan and Hazel. Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal speculates he may not really be immune

It looks like copper Dan Neal could be on to this week's Big Brother 2013 twist.

SAM EVANS POLL: Big Brother 2013 eviction: Three face axe - who goes?

Three housemates face eviction from the Big Brother 2013 house this week, but who do you want out?

BB_SamAndSophie Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal joins Sam and Sophie in the safe house... and up for eviction!

Tonight's Big Brother 2013 results saw Dan Neal join Sophie Lawrence and Sam Evans in the safe house... and up for eviction.

Big Brother 2013: Sophie and Sam interrogate Jack and Joe, Dan and Callum

Big Brother 2013 safe house housemates Sam and Sophie have been quizzing some of the other housemates.

SAM EVANS Big Brother 2013: Who will enter the safe house tonight?

Tonight will see another housemate enter the Big Brother 2013 safe house, but as always, there's a twist.

JACK AND JOE GLENNY Big Brother 2013: Jack and Joe, Dan or Callum to join the safe house?

It looks like it'll be either Jack and Joe, Dan Neal or Callum Knell joining Sophie and Sam in Big Brother's safe house this week.

BB_Sophie Big Brother 2013: Sophie Lawrence is so happy about being immune...

Sophie Lawrence and Sam Evans have been getting used to their new surroundings in Big Brother's safe house.

Big Brother 2013 eye logo new Big Brother tells safe house lie: Two housemates secretly face eviction!

Big Brother unveiled a devious new twist this evening, that has seen two housemates put up for eviction

Big Brother 2013 new eye Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal passes detective task

Detective Dan Neal has solved his latest Big Brother 2013 cases.

Big Brother 2013 diary room chair Big Brother 2013: Sophie, Sam and Jackie jailed for nominations talk

Big Brother 2013 housemates Sophie Lawrence, Sam Evans and Jackie Travers were sent to jail yesterday for nominations talk.

Sam Evans (Big Brother 2013) Big Brother 2013 contestants: Sam Evans is early favourite to win

Sam Evans has become the early favourite to win Big Brother 2013.