Rylan Clark-Neal news

Rylan Clark-Neal Rylan Clark-Neal breaks silence on Strictly Come Dancing rumours

Rylan Clark-Neal has spoken out about rumours he's set to appear on Strictly Come Dancing.

Rylan Clark-Neal Big Brother hasn't been axed (yet) according to Rylan Clark-Neal

Rylan Clark-Neal says talks about the future of Big Brother on Channel 5 remain ongoing.

Big Brother 2016 Rylan joins Eurovision 2018 hosting team alongside Graham Norton, Scott Mills and Mel Giedroyc

Rylan Clark-Neal has joined the hosting team for Eurovision 2018.

Big Brother 2016 Rylan Clark-Neal returns to This Morning with Emma Willis after time out

Rylan Clark-Neal will be returning to ITV's This Morning after some time out.

Celebrity Big Brother Rylan reacts to Celebrity Big Brother 'axe' claims

Rylan Clark-Neal has reacted to claims that Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother could be axed by Channel 5.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 Strictly Come Dancing "desperate" to sign Rylan Clark-Neal amid Big Brother axe rumours

Strictly Come Dancing bosses are reportedly "desperate" to sign Rylan Clark-Neal.

Rylan Clark-Neal Rylan Clark-Neal hits back at his Celebrity Big Brother critics

Rylan Clark-Neal has hit back at his Celebrity Big Brother critics following the end of the series.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 Celebrity Big Brother's Emma Willis and Rylan reveal winner's predictions

Celebrity Big Brother hosts Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal have revealed their winner's predictions.

Celebrity Big Brother Rylan Clark-Neal wants Emma Willis' job if she leaves Big Brother

Rylan Clark-Neal is up for hosting Celebrity Big Brother, should Emma Willis step down.

Rylan Clark-Neal Rylan Clark-Neal reveals truth about his 'axe' from This Morning

Rylan Clark-Neal has spoken out about rumours he was 'sacked' from ITV's This Morning.

rylan the wave The Wave: All about Rylan Clark-Neal's new swimming game show

Rylan Clark-Neal's new game show The Wave begins tonight on W.

Big Brother 2016 Rylan Clark-Neal's unheard X Factor's winner's song revealed

Rylan Clark-Neal has revealed his planned winner's song on The X Factor.

rylan the wave The Wave: Rylan Clark-Neal hosts new swimming based game show

Rylan Clark-Neal will host a new swimming based game show called The Wave.

The Apprentice 2017 interviews The Apprentice's Elizabeth McKenna responds to Celebrity Big Brother rumours

Elizabeth McKenna has been rumoured as Celebrity Big Brother's next token housemate from The Apprentice.