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x-factor-2013-auditions-tx5-13 X Factor 2013 auditions: Show 3 recap and results

The X Factor 2013 auditions continued tonight on ITV, but who got those all important yeses to make tomorrow night's second audition show?

x-factor-2013-auditions-5-15 PICTURES! X Factor 2013 auditions: First look at tonight's hopefuls

Here's a first look at tonight's X Factor 2013 auditions, as the judges kick off round three.

x-factor-2013-auditions-tx5-18 XFactor 2013 spoilers: Preview tonight's latest auditions

The X Factor 2013 auditions continue tonight on ITV and here's your weekly spoilerific preview.

Gary Barlow (X Factor 2013) X Factor 2013: Rough Copy forced to ditch band member after visa issue (again)

X Factor group Rough Copy have been forced to ditch a member after visa issues impacted them again.

X Factor 2012: Rough Copy vow to move on after judges' homes axe

X Factor stars Rough Copy have vowed to carry on after they forced to leave the show.

X Factor 2012: Triple J replace Rough Copy at judges' houses

Despite being seen leaving the competition last night, Triple J do make The X Factor 2012 judges' houses stage this year.

X Factor bootcamp results: Mitsotu, Rough Copy and Britt Love through to Day 3

Mitsotu, Rough Copy and Britt Love all made it through to day 2 of bootcamp on The X Factor this evening.

The X Factor 2012 auditions: Show Seven review

And now the end is near, and so we face the final... auditions.

X Factor 2012: Rough Copy removed from competition over visa issues

X Factor boy group Rough Copy may have been seen getting through to bootcamp on tonight's show, but won't be going any further.

The X Factor 2012: Audition Show 7 recap

It was the final X Factor 2012 auditions tonight, and there was plenty of talent on display as the final acts went through to bootcamp.

X Factor 2012: Rough Copy wow Tulisa to make bootcamp (VIDEO)

Boy group Rough Copy became the latest trio to impress The X Factor 2012 judges on tonight's final audition show.

X Factor 2012: Groups Rough Copy and Triple J shine!

There's more from the groups category in tonight's final episode of The X Factor, with Triple J and Rough Copy both impressing the judges.