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x-factor-2013-final-12-part2-5 PICTURES! XFactor 2013 final 12 revealed: Meet the live show contestants!

After a month of auditions and try outs, The X Factor 2013 finalists have been revealed, so meet the final 12 here!

x-factor-2013-tx-12-01 X Factor UK: Kingsland, Miss Dynamix, Rough Copy make live shows

Gary Barlow has revealed his X Factor 2013 finalists, as the three top groups were revealed tonight.

x-factor-2013-tx-06-12 XFactor 2013 final 12: Rough Copy reunite as a trio for live shows

Rough Copy will be back as a trio on The X Factor 2013 live shows, it's been confirmed.

x-factor-2013-judges-houses-groups-9 XFactor 2013: Rough Copy's Kaz 'not allowed' to rejoin the group

Rough Copy singer Kaz won't be allowed to rejoin the group if they make The X Factor 2013 live shows.

x-factor-2013-judges-houses-groups-6 PICTURES! X Factor 2013 final six groups perform in New York!

Here's a picture preview of this week's X Factor 2013 judges' houses, as the final six groups sing for Gary Barlow.

x-factor-2013-final-24-girls-2 PICTURES! X Factor 2013 final 24 revealed - meet the judges' houses contestants

The X Factor 2013 final 24 have been revealed, with just six acts remaining in each of the four categories.

x-factor-2013-final-24-groups-4 X Factor 2013 final 24 revealed! Meet the judges' houses contestants

The X Factor 2013 judges' houses contestants have been revealed, as the final 24 acts were confirmed.

x-factor-2013-tx-10-11 X Factor 2013 final 24: Final six groups revealed by Gary Barlow

The final six groups of The X Factor 2013 have been chosen in a tense bootcamp twist.

x-factor-2013-tx-06-23 XFactor 2013: Rough Copy become a duo... but may reunite for live shows!

X Factor's Rough Copy become a duo in tonight's show, but that could all change again!

Sam Bailey (X Factor 2013) X Factor 2013 results: Who's through to bootcamp?

The X Factor 2013 is back, but just who is through to the bootcamp stages?

x-factor-2013-tx-06-07 X Factor 2013 auditions: Show six review

So on to the Arena and welcome back to Souli Roots. Just get on with it woman. Less shouting and less of the drum please. Well, better than Wagner but...

x-factor-2013-arena-auditions-3-05 PICTURES! X Factor 2013 hopefuls go before Wembley Arena

The X Factor 2013 auditions continue tonight on ITV, as the hopefuls go before crowds at Wembley Arena.

x-factor-2013-tx-06-03 X Factor 2013 spoilers: Sneak peek of tonight's Arena auditions!

The X Factor 2013 hopefuls head to Wembley Arena in tonight's auditions, but who's performing and what do they have planned?

x-factor-2013-auditions-tx5-01 X Factor 2013 auditions: Show five review

Well we are progressing smoothly with the auditions. So far we have had the good, the bad and the maybe a little bit on the ugly side (no names, don't...