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Rishi Sharma What's happening in Emmerdale? Rishi cracks under the pressure!

Rishi suffers a heart attack this week as the stress of the drama surrounding Baby Archie takes its' toll. Meanwhile, Marlon suspects that Rhona is back on the pills and...

Emmerdale What's happening in Emmerdale this week? Can Killer Cameron hide his secret?

This week in Hotten, Killer Cameron tries to keep a lid on his secret by attempting to hide Alex's body but in a late night fleet, it looks like the...

What's happening in Emmerdale this week? Chas goes on trial!

As she faces the jury for the murder of former flame Carl King, will Chas manage to get off from his charges?

Emmerdale Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 2nd January to Friday 6th January! - Who attacked Cain?

This week on Emmerdale, the great mystery surrounding the identity of Cain's attacker is finally solved but will the fallout from the big reveal cause repercussions for many vilagers? Meanwhile,...