MC Harvey news

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Harvey "regrets the pain" he caused Alesha Dixon

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 housemate MC Harvey has spoken about his divorce from singer Alesha Dixon.

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Harvey's had enough of Jasmine!

It seems that the Celebrity Big Brother housemates will be hoping that it's Jasmine who is booted out in Friday's eviction, after a week of madness from the model.

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Jasmine attacks Harvey! (VIDEO)

With the first eviction leaving, tensions in the Celebrity Big Brother house boiled over last night.

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Harvey faces Ashley in talent show final!

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 housemates Harvey and Ashley go head to head in today's task final, which sees them competing for a VIP party.

Celebrity Big Brother 2012's Jasmine Lennard: 'I'm here for the money'

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jasmine Lennard has confided in the other housemates that she's here for the money!

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 housemate: Meet MC Harvey!

Michael Harvey Jr aka MC Harvey is the tempestuous former member of So Solid Crew, reality star, self confessed womaniser and most recently, a proud father.

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 housemate line up (probably)

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 kicks off next week and there’s been rumours abound about just which stars will become housemates on the new look show.

MC Harvey claims he "never" said he was in a relationship with Cheryl Cole

MC Harvey has finally rubbished any notion that he ever had a relationship with Cheryl Cole, revealing that media scrutiny over his original claims has left him "exhausted".

MC Harvey 'proves' Cheryl Cole relationship with emails from her and her mum!

MC Harvey has apparently proved his relationship with Cheryl Cole by revealing emails from the Girls Aloud star and her mum, Joan.