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Big Brother Summer 2014 Big Brother 2014: Ash Harrison, Matthew Davies clash after final

Ash Harrison and Matthew Davies clash following last night's Big Brother 2014 final after Helen Wood triumphed in the show.

Big-Brother-2014-Power-Trip-House Big Brother 2014: Pest controllers enter house over 'rat' issue

Pest controllers entered the Big Brother house last week, it's been revealed.

Matthew Davies. Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood's "homophobic" remarks cut from telly

Evicted Big Brother housemate Matthew Davies has hit out Helen Wood, branding her a vile bully.

Big Brother Summer 2014 Big Brother 2014 results: Tears after Matthew Davies' eviction

The housemates have reacted all very differently to Matthew Davies' eviction.

Matthew Davies. Big Brother 2014 eviction: Matthew Davies feels "strange" over exit

Matthew Davies has admitted it feels "strange" to be out of Big Brother 2014.

Matthew Davies. PICTURES! Tonight's Big Brother 2014 results - Matthew is evicted!

Here's all the pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2014 results as Matthew Davies was evicted.

Matthew Davies (Big Brother 2014) Tonight's Big Brother 2014 results: Who was evicted? Matthew Davies leaves!

Matthew Davies has been evicted from Big Brother 2014 in tonight's results show.

Big Brother Summer 2014 BB 2014: Ash Harrison wants "tosser" Matthew Davies out tonight

Big Brother's Ash Harrison has declared he wants "tosser" Matthew Davies out of the house tonight.

Big Brother Summer 2014 Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle wants the power alone now!

Power hungry Ashleigh Coyle wants to become the new Big Brother Power housemate.

Big Brother Summer 2014 Big Brother 2014: Matthew Davies isn't happy with "stupid" Jale Karaturp

Matthew Davies clashed (via Ashleigh Coyle) with Jale Kraturp tonight.

Danielle comforts Jale 2 Big Brother 2014: Latest Girl Power trip twist causes tears

There were tears in the Big Brother Uk this morning following the latest Power Trip task.

Big Brother Summer 2014 Big Brother 2014: Matthew Davies on "skid mark on society" Helen Wood

Matthew Davies branded Helen Wood a "skid mark on society" in the Big Brother UK house. yesterday.

Big Brother Summer 2014 Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Line by line recap of Helen Wood and Matthew Davies' row

It all kicks off in the Big Brother 2014 house tonight and here's a line by line recap of the latest row.

big brother 2014 twerk 5 PICTURES! Big Brother 2014 housemates twerk it for BB!

Three lucky Big Brother UK housemates spent yesterday twerking.