Luke Scrase news

Big Brother video: Deana tells Ashleigh she thinks Lushleigh is a showmance

The Big Brother 2012 housemates really haven't been left convinced by Ashleigh and Luke S, and Deana has told them so!

Big Brother 2012: Lydia thinks Ashleigh and Conor could get together!

Big Brother evictee Lydia has claimed that Ashleigh and Conor have "chemistry" in the house.

Big Brother 2012: Lauren: 'I’m going to start flirting with Luke S'

Big Brother housemate Lauren Carre has joked she's going to start flirting with Luke S to wind up Ashleigh.

Big Brother news: Is Arron after Ashleigh?!

It seems that there's another Big Brother romance bubbling in the house, although this one could cause a fair few awkward tensions amongst the group.

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh boasts about Luke S' "great c**k"

It continues to go between hot and cold with Luke S and Ashleigh in the Big Brother UK house, and it was seemingly back on again last night.

Big Brother video: Deana gunges Conor, Arron and Luke S!

This evening saw Deana get her own back on Conor, Arroon and Luke S by gunging them in fish guts!

Big Brother: Conor gets close with Ashleigh as she doubts Luke S romance

It looks like we've got the makings of a Big Brother love triangle, with Conor and Ashleigh getting close as she doubts her relationship with Luke S.

Big Brother 2012: Are Ashleigh and Luke S over?

It seems it's all over for Big Brother love birds Luke S and Ashleigh, with the Essex girl admitting last night and the pair are not on the same page.

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh still worries Lauren is after Luke S!

Big Brother lovebirds Ashleigh Hughes and Luke S are still on shaky ground, with Ashleigh still convinced Lauren Carre is after her bloke!

Big Brother 2012: Luke S and Ashleigh hoping for own reality show

Big Brother housemates Luke S and Ashleigh have revealed they're hoping for their own reality show after the show ends.

Big Brother UK: Benedict says Luke S and Ashleigh are fake

Evicted Big Brother housemate Benedict has hit out at "fake" Luke S and his relationship with Ashleigh.

Big Brother 2012: Luke and Ashleigh fumble under the covers (VIDEO)

Ashleigh Hughes and Luke Scrase seemed to be really enjoying one another's company in the Big Brother UK house last night.

Big Brother video: Luke S angry with evicted Benedict over curry prank

During his eviction last night, Big Brother housemate Benedict revealed himself as the curry powder culprit, leaving a very bad taste in the mouth of Luke S.

Big Brother video: Lauren pranks "anal" Luke S!

With an eviction looming, Big Brother housemate Lauren decided to play a bit of a prank on Luke S last night.