Luke Scrase news

Big Brother 2012: Housemates pass secret task to trick Luke S!

The Big Brother housemates managed to successfully play along with BB's prank on Luke S today, winning a part for the hosue.

Big Brother news: Luke S tips himself to make the final five!

Luke S has said he reckons he could make the final five on Big Brother later this year.

Big Brother sets housemates secret task to prank Luke S!

Today, with the housemates’ help, Big Brother is going to play a prank on Luke S and try to convince him that outside talent agencies and TV companies want HIM...

Big Brother 2012: Does Deana fancy Luke S?!

It seems Ashleigh has become paranoid again that some of the other Big Brother girls are after her bloke!

Big Brother 2012: Luke S will break Ashleigh's heart, says his friend

Luke S' best pal has claimed that he ruin Ashleigh's heart once out of the Big Brother house!

Big Brother video: Luke S woos Ashleigh with pamper hamper!

Luke S wooed Ashleigh in the Big Brother house last night, with a pamper hamper for his Big Brother girl!

Big Brother 2012: Luke S wins a pamper hamper for Ashleigh

Big Brother housemate Luke S has won a pamper hamper for Ashleigh as part of this week's shopping task.

Big Brother 2012: The Wardens get McDonalds (and Ashleigh is well jel!)

Big Brother rewarded wardens Luke S, Luke A and Adam with McDonalds tonight, much to the annoyance of the other housemates.

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh's dad warns Luke S!

The dad of Big Brother housemate Ashleigh has warned Luke S that he'll be sure to keep an eye on him!

Big Brother news: Lydia blasts 'fake' Luke S and Ashleigh

Evicted Big Brother housemate Lydia Louisa has blasted Ashleigh and Luke S for their fake relationship.

Big Brother breaks up Ashleigh and Luke S!

Even Big Brother has had enough of Ashleigh and Luke S, and this evening split the pair up until further notice.

Big Brother 2012: Arron, Luke S have blazing row

Big Brother saw another blazing row this afternoon, following on from Arron's rule break and subsequent punishment.

Big Brother 2012: Luke S brands Arron Lowe 'a d**k'

Big Brother pals Luke S and Arron Lowe had a big falling out this morning, following Arron's rule breaks.

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh reveals how far she's gone with Luke S! (VIDEO)

Big Brother's Ashleigh has revealed to some of the other housemates just how far she's gone with Luke S.