Luke Scrase news

Big Brother 2012: Luke S gay? Scott and Luke A think so!

Is Big Brother's Luke S gay? It's the hot topic in the house right now, with Luke A and Scott confident the hunky model isn't just a bit camp.

Big Brother 2012: Luke S blasts "lying b*****d" Conor!

Luke S wasn't happy in the Big Brother house last night, having lost £50,000 to Conor in the White Room twist.

Big Brother 2012: Luke S brands Ashleigh a "d**khead"

Luke S has branded Ashleigh a "d**khead" after the pair fell out over a Big Brother were task.

Big Brother news: Luke A and Scott lay into Luke S

Big Brother 2012 housemates Luke and Scott held a bitching session last night, with their favourite housemate Luke S the target.

Big Brother 2012 White Room: Conor won't give in to Luke S!

Big Brother White Room housemate Conor has declared he will not be giving in to Luke S in the task.

Big Brother fans blast White Room prize fund twist

Big Brother fans have reacted angrily to today's White Room prize fund twist, which was unvieled last night.

Big Brother 2012: Luke S, Conor can win £50k... but will be EVICTED!

Big Brother has revealed a huge twist for the White Room tomorrow, which could see one of Conor or Luke S winning £50,000.

Big Brother White Room: Luke S has bean punished!

Big Brother punished Luke S in the White Room today, after Ashleigh lost to Becky in a task in the main house.

Big Brother 2012 White Room: Luke S punished, Conor rewarded!

Big Brother housemate Luke S has been punished and Luke S rewarded after the latest White Room task.

Big Brother 2012: Conor, Luke S given White Room punishment

The Two remaining White Room housemates Luke S and Conor were punished last night by Big Brother.

Big Brother news: Ashleigh and Luke S argue over pasta

Big Brother love birds Luke S and Ashleigh had another spat last night, arguing over past.

Big Brother news: Conor, Luke S, Sara struggle in the White Room

The housemates in Big Brother's White Room are already struggling with life in just one room.

PICTURES! Sara, Conor and Luke S enter the Big Brother White Room!

Big Brother revealed the White Room task to the housemates earlier today, with Sara, Conor and Luke S entering this afternoon.

Big Brother 2012: Scott confesses he's had sex dreams about Luke S!

Yesterday saw Big Brother ask the housemates to confess their sins, and the results were revealing.