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Lizzy Pattinson X Factor 2014: Lizzy Pattinson gets tips from brother Robert Pattinson

X Factor's Lizzy Pattinson has been getting help from her brother on the show.

Raign XFactor 2014: How Raign won 'secret sing off' against Lizzy Pattinson

X Factor's Raign won a secret sing off against Lizzy Pattinson during bootcamp last night, but was still ditched from the show.

Starlight (Rita) PICTURES! X Factor 2014 auditions - preview tonight's hopefuls!

The X Factor 2014 auditions are non stop this year with another set of Room try outs tonight on ITV.

Kerrianne Covell XFactor 2014 spoiler filled preview of tonight's latest room auditions

The X Factor 2014 room auditions continue on ITV this evening and here's our spoiler filled preview of what's to come.

x factor 2014 cheryl scot twit XFactor 2014 spoilers: Lizzy Pattinson makes arena auditions

Sister of Twilight actor Robert Pattinson, Lizzy Pattinson, has reportedly made it into the next round of X Factor auditions.