Jodie Whittaker news

doctor who The Judoon Doctor Who spoilers: Jodie Whittaker to face off against The Judoon in new series

The Judoon are set for a return to Doctor Who in the next series.

doctor who 2018 jodie - 3 Jodie Whittaker gives Doctor Who its biggest launch since 2005 revival

Jodie Whittaker’s arrival as the Thirteenth Doctor has given Doctor Who its highest series launch in over a decade.

doctor who 2018 jodie - 2 RATINGS! Doctor Who, Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor viewing figures

Jodie Whittaker's debut as Doctor Who was watched by over 8 million viewers in last night's ratings.

new-doctor-jodie New Doctor Who: 13th Doctor Who confirmed as Jodie Whittaker

The new Doctor Who has been revealed with Jodie Whittaker named the 13th Doctor.