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The Apprentice 2012: Jenna Whittingham blasts "two faced" Stephen Brady

Fired Apprentice candidate Jenna Whittingham has hit out at Stephen Brady, saying Lord Sugar should have fired him.

The Apprentice 2012 results: Jenna Whittingham fired!

Jenna Whittingham has become the latest candidate to be fired from The Apprentice 2012.

The Apprentice 2012: Katie Wright backs Gabrielle Omar to win

Fired Apprentice 2012 candidate Katie Wright has said she's backing Gabrielle Omar to win the show.

The Apprentice 2012: Candidates sell food on the streets of Scotland

Lord Sugar sends The Apprentice 2012 candidates on a journey this weekend, but unfortunately for them it’s not the kind of cliche experienced by X Factor winners of the past.

Apprentice 2012 teaser: Sterling struggle to shift Scottish grub (VIDEO)

The Apprentice 2012 candidates are asked to sell food on the streets of Edinborough this week, but it doesn't go well for Jenna.

The Apprentice 2012 candidates: Meet the girls!

The Apprentice 2012 cast is as varied as ever, with the female candidates ranging from self-made business tycoons who have worked their way to the top, to youngsters who have...