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The Apprentice 2012: Jane McEvoy blames firing on rubbish products

Fired Apprentice 2012 candidate Jane McEvoy has blamed her poor performance in last night's task on rubbish products.

The Apprentice 2012 results: Who was fired? Jane McEvoy!

Jane McEvoy has become the latest candidate to be fired from The Apprentice 2012 after a tricky task in which the candidates had to source second hand items before selling...

Fired Apprentice 2012 candidate Maria O’Connor blasts "bitch" Jane McEvoy

Axed Apprentice 2012 candidate Maria O’Connor has insisted that it should've been [tag]Jane McEvoy[/tag] who was fired last night, even blaming the Irish businesswoman for her falling asleep.

The Apprentice 2012 candidates: Meet the girls!

The Apprentice 2012 cast is as varied as ever, with the female candidates ranging from self-made business tycoons who have worked their way to the top, to youngsters who have...