Jack Osborne news

What's happening in Hollyoaks? The Osborne family struggles to recover!

After Esther's attempted suicide a few weeks ago, the Osborne family have been in bits, but this week, they fall apart!

Hollyoaks Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 27th February to Friday 2nd March - Mercedes causes havoc!

This week in Hollyoaks, Mercedes' kiss with Rhys comes back to bite her when the rest of the family turn against her, even mum Myra. Meanwhile, Dodger is put out...

Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 5th to Friday 9th December!

This week down in Chester, Brendan get his claws into Joel. Meanwhile, Ruby tries to get closer to Louis and his mates and Mitzeee gets on the wrong side of...