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BB_Gina Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio and twins Jack and Joe argue over 'mole' accusations

The sound of shouting housemates once again filled up the Big Brother house this evening.

JACK AND JOE GLENNY Big Brother 2013: Jack and Joe reckon they and Charlie will be leaving

Twins Jack and Joe reckon their time is up in the Big Brother 2013 house.

JACK AND JOE GLENNY Big Brother news: The twins think there's an actor in the house!

As Big Brother 2013 enters its final week, the conspiracy theories are going into overdrive.

BB_Hazel1 Big Brother 2013: Hazel O'Sullivan is 'f**ked off' with everyone

Hazel O’Sullivan found herself getting wound up by just about everyone in the Big Brother house yesterday.

JACK AND JOE GLENNY Big Brother 2013: Twins given new task to imitate Dexter and Gina!

Big Brother doesn’t think it’s very fair that Jack and Joe are the only ones who get to experience the joy of being a twin, so things are about to...

big-brother-2013-wrestle-task-2 Big Brother 2013: Wrestling task continues as Jack and Joe, Sam and Sophie prepare to fight

Big Brother's latest shopping task continues today, as Jack and Joe and Sam and Sophie prepare to do battle.

big-brother-2013-letters-from-home-03 Big Brother 2013 nomination results: Four up for eviction

Four housemates face eviction from Big Brother 2013 this week.

JACK AND JOE GLENNY Big Brother 2013: Twins set 'Don't Drop It!' task

Yesterday the Big Brother twins Jack and Joe were given their own special task.

JACK GLENNY Big Brother 2013: Jack and Joe angry at Sophie Lawrence for not choosing them for the safe house

Twins Jack and Joe admit to being annoyed that they weren't chosen to enter the safe house on last night's Big Brother live show.

BB_Dexter Big Brother 2013: Dexter and Jack clash over Jedward, of all things

There's a bizarre row over Jedward on Big Brother 2013 tonight.

Big Brother 2013: Sophie and Sam interrogate Jack and Joe, Dan and Callum

Big Brother 2013 safe house housemates Sam and Sophie have been quizzing some of the other housemates.

SAM EVANS Big Brother 2013: Who will enter the safe house tonight?

Tonight will see another housemate enter the Big Brother 2013 safe house, but as always, there's a twist.

JACK AND JOE GLENNY Big Brother 2013: Jack and Joe, Dan or Callum to join the safe house?

It looks like it'll be either Jack and Joe, Dan Neal or Callum Knell joining Sophie and Sam in Big Brother's safe house this week.

GINA RIO Big Brother 2013: Twins worried Gina Rio is going to win!

The fallout from yesterday evening's latest Big Brother eviction seems to be more about Gina than Jackie.