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Frankie Cocozza regrets accepting £1,000 to kiss Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan

Celebrity Big Brother runner up Frankie Cocozza has said he regrets agreeing to be photographed kissing Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan for money.

Frankie Cocozza hits back at Geordie Shore's Holly's 4/10 sex rating

Frankie Cocozza has hit back at Geordie Shore's Holly Hogan after she gave the teenager only a "4 out of 10" in the bedroom.

Frankie Cocozza given a "4 out of 10" in bed from Geordie Shore's Holly Hogan

There's bad news for Frankie Cocozza this morning, with Geordie Shore babe Holly Hogan only giving him a "4 out of 10" in the bedroom... and spilling the beans on...