Hazel O’Sullivan news

big-brother-2013-noms-row-02 Big Brother 2013: Charlie Travers teams up with Dexter Koh against Hazel O'Sullivan

Charlie Travers finds support in Dexter Koh on tonight's Big Brother highlights.

BB_Dan3 Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal sides with Charlie Travers over Hazel O'Sullivan

Evicted Big Brother housemate Dan Neal has backed Charlie Travers over pal Hazel O'Sullivan in this week's nominations row.

BB_Gina1 Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio turns back on 'narcissistic' Hazel O’Sullivan

The Gina Rio and Hazel O'Sullivan alliance in the Big Brother house is already over.

big-brother-2013-noms-row-05 Big Brother 2013: Charlie feeling "f**king ostracised" by Hazel and Gina

The fall out from last night's friends and family nominations sparks all manor of arguments in the Big Brother house this evening.

big-brother-2013-noms-row-08 Big Brother 2013: Charlie doesn't want to talk to Hazel again!

The morning after the rows the night before and Hazel O'Sullivan and Charlie Travers are no longer talking in the BBUK house.

big-brother-2013-noms-row-09 Big Brother 2013: Hazel and Gina make Charlie cry in nominations row

Hazel O'Sullivan and Gina Rio teamed up against Charlie Travers in the Big Brother house last night.

big-brother-2013-noms-row-12 PICTURES! Big Brother 2013 nominations fallout sees Charlie Travers in tears!

It all kicked off in the Big Brother 2013 house last night in the fall out from nominations.

BB_Hazel Big Brother 2013: Angry Hazel O'Sullivan blasts 'f**king bitch' that is Charlie's pal!

An angry Hazel O'Sullivan has blasted the 'f**king bitch' that is Charlie's pal after friends and family nominations.

BB_HazelAndCharlie Big Brother news: Are Hazel and Dexter plotting?

Big Brother duo Hazel O'Sullivan and Dexter Koh spent yesterday winding up their fellow housemates.

BB_Hazel1 Big Brother 2013: Hazel O'Sullivan is 'f**ked off' with everyone

Hazel O’Sullivan found herself getting wound up by just about everyone in the Big Brother house yesterday.

HAZEL O'SULLIVAN Big Brother 2013 nominations: Five put up for eviction

Five housemates face eviction from Big Brother 2013 after tonight's nomination results.

BB_Hazel Big Brother 2013: Hazel O'Sullivan reckons public have turned on Gina Rio

Hazel O'Sullivan speculates that the public have turned against Gina Rio on tonight's Big Brother highlights.

BB_CharlieAndHazel Big Brother 2013: Charlie Travers doesn't trust Hazel O'Sullivan

Big Brother pals Charlie Travers and Hazel O'Sullivan clash on tonight's show, after the fallout from Friday's eviction.

BB_Hazel1 Big Brother 2013: Hazel O'Sullivan warns: 'I have my competitive streak back!'

Hazel O'Sullivan has warned that her competitive streak is back after avoiding eviction on Big Brother last night.