Freya Stafford news

Michael Williams to leave C5 soap 'Neighbours', confirm show bosses!

Erinsborough principal Michael Williams will depart Ramsay Street in 2012 after nearly two years in Erinsborough. The patriarch played by Sandy Winton who is in charge of Erinsborough High will...

'Neighbours' newcomer to hide secrets from niece Natasha Williams when she comes to Ramsay Street!

Neighbours star Freya Stafford has revealed that her character is set to keep a secret when she arrives in Ramsay Street. Stafford is set to play Natasha's aunty Emelia who...

Michael and Natasha family secrets have ''monumental reveal'', teases Sandy Winton

Neighbours star Sandy Winton has promised a ''monumental reveal'' for the secrets which are set to be revealed about his family, the Williams on the C5 soap. Winton who plays...

Freya Stafford cast as Natasha Williams' glamorous long-lost aunty in 'Neighbours'

Australian actress Freya Stafford is set to join the cast of C5 soap Neighbours as a glamorous hairdresser who is the long-lost aunt of current resident Natasha Williams (Valentina Novakovic).