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What's happening in Walford this week? Masood's brother comes to the square!

This week in Eastenders, Masood is pleased when his brother AJ comes to visit him in Walford but will wife Zainab be so pleased to see her mischievous brother-in-law?

Eastenders Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 30th April to Friday 4th May 2012 - Mandy and Ian try to patch things up!

This week on Eastenders, Carol struggles to hold things together for the sake of the kids in Bianca's absence and Ian and Mandy try to patch up their relationship. With...

Zainab Masood accused of having an affair with her ex-husband in BBC1 soap ''Eastenders''

Eastenders character Zainab Masood (Nina Wadia) is to be wrongly accused of having an affair with her ex-husband and the father of her daughter-in-law Yusef Khan by Yusef's sister-in-law Shameem...

Greg and Tanya get hitched in ''Eastenders'' this week but what are our favourite ''Enders'' weddings?

This week's Eastenders wedding between Tanya Branning (Jo Joyner) and Greg Jessop (Stefan Booth)  looks set to be a non-stop saga of dramatic stunts, massive revelations and a runaway bride!...