Deana Uppal news

Big Brother video: Deana Uppal gets her letter from home

Big Brother's Deana received her letter from home this evening, after Ashleigh took part in a not-so-secret task.

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh wins Deana's letter from home!

Big Brother's Deana has finally received her letter from home, after Ashleigh took part in a not-so-secret task.

Big Brother 2012: Deana blasts Ashleigh as outsiders talk nominations

Clearly annoyed about not getting her letter from home, Big Brother's Deana blasted Ashleigh this afternoon.

Big Brother 2012: Deana doesn't get her letter from home thanks to Ashleigh!

After today's delivery dilemmas task, the Big Brother housemates tonight received their letters from home.

Big Brother 2012: Complaints to Ofcom over 'race row'

Ofcom has received a number of complaints after another Big Brother 'race row' this week.

Deana Uppal remains TellyMix readers' favourite Big Brother housemate!

With over 3,000 votes the latest results of our Big Brother 2012 popularity poll are in.

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh, Scott warned over Deana jibes

Big Brother has issued both Ashleigh and Scott warnings after comments they made about Deana.

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh and Scott warned over Deana impersonations

Big Brother housemates Ashleigh and Scott have been warned after doing an impression of fellow housemate Deana.

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh gets annoyed with Deana

Big Brother housemate Ashleigh has said that Deana is getting on her "last nerve" after jibes about her looks.

Big Brother news: Deana breaks down over Adam argument

Deana cried to herself in the Diary Room on Big Brother tonight, after an argument with pal Adam.

Big Brother latest: Deana and Adam try to patch things up

Following their clash late last night, Adam and Deana have tried to patch things up inside the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 2012: Adam and Deana clash over nominations rule break

The Big Brother house perhaps saw the end of a close friendship last night, with Adam angry at Deana over a nominations rule break.

Big Brother 2012: Deana warned over 'offensive' remark to Adam

Big Brother has given Deana a warning after she used an apparently offensive Jamaican word in a jibe at pal Adam Kelly.

Big Brother 2012: Deana hits out at Ashleigh in early hours rant (VIDEO)

Big Brother housemate Deana has seemingly lost it, with the beauty Queen having a good rant about Ashleigh this morning.