Deana Uppal news

Big Brother 2012: Eviction nerves for Luke A, Deana, Ashleigh and Becky

Tomorrow will see Ashleigh, Becky, Deana and Luke A all facing the public vote, and with just a week to go before the final, no one wants to leave.

Big Brother 2012: Sara and Deana make up (for now...)

After their latest spat, Big Brother's Deana and Sara made up this afternoon... but how long will it last?

Big Brother 2012: TellyMix readers tipping Deana to win!

Over 4,000 of you voted in our latest Big Brother 2012 popularity poll, and here are the latest results.

Big Brother 2012: Sara falls out with Deana again! (VIDEO)

Another split has has torn its way through the Big Brother house today, with Sara and Deana again falling out.

Big Brother 2012: Scott Mason given warning over Deana Uppal comments

Scott Mason has been given yet another warning by Big Brother after more comments made about fellow housemate Deana Uppal.

Big Brother 2012: Deana and Sara clash over politics!

An argument in the Big Brother house is no longer really news, but one about politics is certainly unusual!

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh launches scathing attack on Deana!

Ashleigh didn't hold back when talking about Deana on Big Brother tonight, launching a scathing attack of words against her.

Big Brother 2012: Bitchy Deana blasts Ashleigh again!

The shopping list is always a cause of arguments in the Big Brother house, and it was no different today.

Big Brother news: Ashleigh bitches about 'cocky' Deana

Sound the Big Brother bitching klaxon, because it's been kicking off between Deana and Ashleigh once again.

Big Brother 2012: Deana clashes with Adam, Ashleigh over shopping sabotage plan

Big Brother housemate Deana has hinted she may try and sabotage the shopping budget this week.

Big Brother news: No nonsense Deana blasts her housemates!

Following the latest round of nominations, Big Brother housemate Deana has said she's no longer taking nonsense from the group.

Big Brother 2012: Deana blasts "disgusting" Ashleigh

There was tension in the Big Brother housemate this morning as Deana launched a rather harsh attack on fellow housemate Ashleigh.

Big Brother 2012: Luke A admits he fancied Lauren!

Big Brother has been asking the housemates to confess their sins today, and the results have been surprising!

Big Brother 2012: Deana's mum blasts 'racist' Scott

Deana's mum has blasted Scott for his 'racist' comments about Indian culture.