Deana Uppal news

Big Brother 2012's Deana reckons she hasn't got any fans!

Despite being saved four times by the public, Big Brother housemate Deana reckons she has no fans.

Big Brother 2012: Deana, Ashleigh and Luke S punished for noms talk!

Big Brother UK housemates Deana, Ashleigh and Luke S have been punished for nominations talk.

Big Brother 2012: Luke A, Deana brand Luke S "cocky"

Big Brother housemates Deana and Luke A have branded Luke S cocky after he won a pass to the final.

Big Brother news: Luke S in tears after taunts from Deana

Luke S was in tears talking to Big Brother this weekend after being wound up by fellow housemate Deana.

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh lashes out at game playing Deana

Ashleigh has lashed out at fellow Big Brother housemate Deana again, claiming that the beauty queen has the biggest game plan of all the housemates.

Big Brother 2012: Deana, Ashleigh row over burnt toast

A single piece of burnt toast caused it all to kick off between Deana and Ashleigh in the Big Brother house today.

Big Brother 2012: Deana, Luke S clash over Conor's £50k win

Deana and Luke S clashed in the Big Brother house last night, after remarks Deana made about Conor's £50,000 win on Friday night.

Big Brother 2012's Deana: 'I'm not going to win'

With just over a week to go until the Big Brother 2012 final, Deana and Luke A have been discussing their chances of winning.

Big Brother 2012: Conor apologises over "vile" Deana rant

Evicted Big Brother housemate Conor has apologised for his rant against Deana, describing it himself as "vile".

Big Brother 2012: Deana "physically sick" over Conor's £50k win

Big Brother housemate Deana has said that Conor winning £50,000 made her "physically sick".

Big Brother 2012: Conor says he 'regrets' Deana rant

Big Brother housemate Conor has admitted he regrets ranting at Deana, talking after his eviction tonight.

Big Brother 2012: Huge row between Becky and Deana!

Big Brother's Deana has ripped into Becky ahead of tonight's eviction.

Big Brother news: Deana warns: 'I'm not holding back anymore'

Deana has warned her fellow Big Brother housemates that she won't be holding back anymore, after arguing with Sara.

Big Brother latest: Deana favourite to win the show

Deana is the current favourite to win Big Brother 2012, with less than two weeks to go.