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tellymix logo thumbnail Big Brother 2012 housemates: Deana Uppal

23-year-old Deana is currently Miss India UK and says that the greatest love of her life is money, “I don’t believe in love as every man is, or will be...

tellymix logo thumbnail POLL: Conor, Victoria and Lydia face first Big Brother 2012 eviction - who goes?

Conor McIntyre, Victoria Eisermann and Lydia Louisa face eviction from Big Brother 2012 on Friday, despite only entering tonight.

tellymix logo thumbnail Big Brother 2012 launch: Live nomination results!

Evil Big Brother sprung a surprise on the housemates during this evening's launch, asking one of them to nominate live!

tellymix logo thumbnail Big Brother 2012: New housemate Deana Uppal to nominate live tonight!

Deana Uppal became the first housemate to enter the Big Brother 2012 house this evening, and was given a secret task!