Cameron Murray news

TX42 What's happening in Emmerdale? Siege trauma!

Cameron takes his ultimate revenge this week as he holds a number of villagers hostage in a terrifying situation and as the ordeal continues, one villager is shot! Meanwhile, it's...

Emmerdale 41 What's happening in Emmerdale? Creepy Cameron escapes, Pollard leaves alone?

He may be in a cell but the village isn't free of creepy Cameron just yet as Debbie discovers this week when she finds out that the murderer has escaped...

Emmerdale 37 What's happening in Emmerdale this week? Adam framed for murder?

This week, Cameron's blackmailer continues to send the murderer into a spin as he becomes immediately suspicious of a number of his neighbours but it's Adam Barton who becomes Cameron's...

Emmerdale What's happening in Emmerdale this week? Can Killer Cameron hide his secret?

This week in Hotten, Killer Cameron tries to keep a lid on his secret by attempting to hide Alex's body but in a late night fleet, it looks like the...

Emmerdale New What's happening in Emmerdale? Jai knows, will he tell Katie?

Declan and Charity panic when they realize that Jai knows the truth this week but can they convince him to keep the truth from Katie? Elsewhere, Robbie is out for...

What's happening in Emmerdale this week? All hell breaks loose for Belle!

Belle lands herself and Luke in hot water this week after Lisa catches them in a compromising position!

What's happening in Emmerdale this Christmas? Cameron kills again!

The festive season may be upon us but Hotten is more murderous than merry as Cameron strikes again!