Billy Mitchell news

What's 'appening in Albert Square this week? Will Billy make it to carry the torch on time?

With Eastenders stalwart Billy ready to take the Olympic torch this week as the relay reaches Walford, the local football team club together to help him get to the torch...

What's happening in Walford this week? Billy's Olympic Nightmare!

This week in Eastenders, Michael receives help from an unexpected source and Billy gets the chance to run with the Olympic Flame in a special Red Button episode.

Cathy Murphy announces departure from her role as Julie Perkins on BBC1 soap ''Eastenders''

Cathy Murphy has announced her departure from her role as mischievous Julie Perkins on BBC1 soap Eastenders after nearly a year playing the role of Billy Mitchell's (Perry Fenwick's) partner...

Billy Mitchell to get a massive shock as his grand-daughter Lola is cast in BBC soap ''Eastenders''

Billy Mitc hell is to have a shock over summer after he realizes that he has a grand-daughter Lola. The Eastenders favourite, played by Perry Fenwick is shocked when he...