Alice Branning news

What's happening in Albert Square this week? Jay is pushed to breaking point as the truth about Heather is revealed!

This week in Albert Square, the truth is out. With the truth about Heather's murder finally beginning to unravel and word spreading around Walford quickly, Jay is pushed to breaking...

What's occuring in Eastenders this week? Joey and Lucy, new romance?

This week in Albert Square, Joey comes to the rescue when Lucy gets herself stuck in a sticky situation, the question is, could a new romance be on the cards...

What's happening in Walford this week? Janine's wedding plans put her health at risk!

This week in Walford, Janine is told that she may have to delay her wedding when the doctor says that the stress of planning the big day is taking its'...

What's happening in Eastenders this week? Abi and Jay's relationship is put to the test!

This week in Walford, Jay and Abi's relationship is put to the test once and for all. Meanwhile, Poppy arrives back in Albert Square eager to help Janine out with...

What's up in Walford this week? Kat is back!

This week in Walford, Kat Moon is back and she's ready for business! However, will she be impressed when she finds out about Roxy's feelings for Alfie?

What's 'appening in Albert Square next week? Lucy celebrates victory over Mandy, that's what!

There's rarely a quiet moment in Albert Square and this week is no different after mischievous teen Lucy Beale decides to celebrate successfully ousting Mandy from Walford. Meanwhile, Derek gets...

'Eastenders' Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 14th to Friday 18th May 2012 - Ben's at breaking point!

This week in Walford, Derek tries to welcome daughter Alice into the Branning family, Ben reaches breaking point and Kim humiliates herself in front of Ray. With thanks to BBC1!

Eastenders Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 7th to Friday 11th May 2012 - Alice comes to see Derek!

This week in Walford, Alice turns up to see her father Derek, how will he react to meeting his long lost daughter? Elsewhere, Lucy and Lauren go on a night...

Derek Branning's daughter Alice set to join 'Eastenders'!

Derek Branning will be in for a shock next month when his long lost daughter Alice Branning turns up. Jasmyn Banks has been announced as the actress set to play...