Adam Kelly news

Big Brother 2012: Luke A says he'll share prize money with Adam

Big Brother 2012 winner Luke A has revealed he'll be giving runner up Adam £5,000 of his prize money.

Big Brother 2012: Luke S and Deana continue to argue!

It may be the final of Big Brother tonight, but the housemates are still arguing!

Big Brother 2012 final: Housemates discuss their last night!

It's The Big Brother 2012 final tomorrow and its unsurprisingly been the topic of discussion all day today.

Big Brother 2012: Outsiders spend the night bitching!

Big Brother UK housemates Luke A, Adam and Deana stayed up until the early hours this morning, doing a lot of bitching!

Big Brother 2012: Outsiders contemplate eviction

Tonight sees the latest eviction from the Big Brother 2012 house, and the housemates are all nervous.

Big Brother news: Luke A, Adam make £5,000 bet over who will win!

Big Brother housemates Luke A and Adam have made a £5,000 bet over which one of them will win the series.

Big Brother 2012: Deana clashes with Adam, Ashleigh over shopping sabotage plan

Big Brother housemate Deana has hinted she may try and sabotage the shopping budget this week.

PICTURES! Adam wins Big Brother's endurance prize task

Big Brother housemate Adam Kelly won a brand new telly in the latest task last night.

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh angry at Adam over toilet brush prize

Big Brother this morning revealed Adam's secret involvement in yesterday's box task.

Big Brother 2012: Luke S regrets letting Adam win box task!

Luke S has admitted to Conor that he regrets giving up in Big Brother's box task.

Big Brother 2012: Adam wins a 50" TV after box task!

Big Brother housemate Adam Kelly won a telly as part of the latest task.

Big Brother 2012 Box Task: Deana, Luke S, Luke A and Adam remain

Just four housemates remain competing in Big Brother's Box Task, which has seen BB put some luxury prizes up for grabs.

Big Brother news: Luke A "hates" Luke S and Ashleigh!

Luke A has said he's glad that Ashleigh was booed in yesterday's Big Brother eviction, saying he "hates" her relationship with Luke S.

Big Brother 2012: Conor brands Luke A and Adam "d**ks"

Conor was clearly angry at last night's Big Brother eviction result, branding Luke A and Adam "d**ks"