What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? Brendan and Walker in hot water!

This week in Chester, Brendan and Walker get into hot water with the police and in a special two-hander, Brendan tests his companion's loyalty to the max.

Monday 13th August

Brendan and Walker continue planning the drug heist unaware that someone is plotting against them. Mercedes resorts to more dirty tricks in the hope of winning Riley’s affections as she hints that her new man has been hitting her, but has Dr.Browning got the measure of her? Doug finally decides to come out to his parents, but Ste has a last minute change of heart when word of his wedding inheritance comes to light... Jealous Dodger stoops low to tarnish Texas’ reputation as he hints to her date Rob that he may have caught something! While Jen admits her true feelings to Tilly.


Tuesday 14th August - Two Hander

The heist has gone horribly wrong and Brendan and Walker are trapped inside the factory, surrounded by police: someone’s grassed them up. Brendan grows increasingly suspicious of Walker, until he shoots a policeman, which proves he’s on Brendan’s side. Will Brendan manage to escape? And should he trust Walker?


Wednesday 15th August

After the failed heist, Brendan goes to extreme measures to extract a confession and is joined by a surprise visitor. Mitzeee and Myra clash in prison and Mitzeee is forced to ask for help from Riley when her cellmate Shayne resorts to blackmail. Mercedes manages to sweet talk Riley and Dr. Browning is devastated to find her slipping out of his clutches. Dennis helps Doug make amends with Leanne, as Doug gets down on one knee! Dodger finds himself a surprise date with Annalise but will Texas scupper it with her dirty tricks to get him back? Jen is devastated when she doesn’t get the job of her dreams.


Thursday 16th August

Riley visits a desperate Mitzeee in prison and Mercedes is devastated to witness they still have feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Dr. Browning, is unraveling in Mercy’s absence... It’s exam results day for the 6th formers, and its good news for Ricky but will he be able to leave the comfort of his friends? And Esther makes the mistake of being filmed doing a drunken impression of Maddie and ruining Maddie’s fur coat Sinead is wearing when she’s drunkenly sick all over it. Ste starts to regret Doug and Leanne’s impending nuptials when he finds himself on the outside of the Carter family. Brendan tries to persuade Cheryl to return to Ireland with him and Declan, but is she the only one holding him back? Meanwhile, Texas and Dodger have disastrous dates with Rob and Annalise.


Friday 17th August

DI Small sets up a reconstruction to find new leads into Lynsey’s death. As new information comes pouring in with a witness description, could she finally be one step closer to finding the killer? Riley is paid an unwelcome visit by Mitzeee’s ex-cellmate Shayne, but is this the end to the situation? Mercedes grows closer to Dr. Browning... And who will be crowned the winner of Attwell’s Mr. Hollyoaks competition? Meanwhile Martha helps Sinead out of a fix and can’t help noticing the friendship forming between her and Callum.


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