What's happening in Albert Square this week? Sharon's back and Shirley's on the warpath!

EastendersEveryone's favourite Watts (sorry Den and Angie) Sharon is back this week and she needs Phil's help! Meanwhile, Shirley discovers the truth behind Heather's murder!

Monday 13th August - 20.00

With Ian under the same roof as Ben, tensions are running high in the Mitchell household. Determined to contain the truth about Heather, Phil insists Ben and Jay do not let Ian out of their sight as he celebrates his engagement to Shirley. However, Phil's night is interrupted by the arrival of a face from the past in desperate need of his help.



Sharon begs Phil to help her as she tells him that she needs to get to her son, Dennis. Shirley makes a horrifying discovery, which could finally lead her to Heather's killer. Janine grows anxious as Kat's words of warning haunt her - will she be able to push her insecurities aside for the sake of her marriage?


Tuesday 14th August

Phil and Sharon face a race against time as they head off in search of Dennis. Shirley is horrified by her discovery and slowly begins to piece the evidence together, which all points to one suspect. A desperate Max begs Lucy to talk to Ian.


Wednesday 15th August

Shirley fills a shocked Ben in on everything she knows, but in Ben's desperation to protest, he inadvertently lets a vital piece of information slip. Pleading for Ian to not reveal the truth about Ben, Phil thinks it may be a good idea for him to see Sharon - but what will she make of the state Ian is in?


Thursday 16th August

The ramifications of Shirley's discovery threaten to destroy the Mitchells forever. With her worst nightmare coming true, Shirley has to make a decision which will have huge consequences for them all. Sharon attempts to build bridges between Ian and his family, but can Lucy forgive her dad for abandoning them?


Friday 17th August - 20:00

Phil tries desperately to keep his family from falling apart as the police close in on the Mitchells. Tanya is furious when she discovers Sharon in her home, wearing her clothes. However, Sharon has caught the eye of another Branning - but will Sharon succumb to his charm?



The future of the Mitchells rests solely on Shirley's decision - will she choose her family or insist on justice for Heather? As the reality of her situation dawns on her, Sharon realises she has to find somewhere to stay, while Ian struggles to adapt to his new life with Lucy and Bobby.


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