What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? Will Amy leave the village?

After Amy makes a massive mistake this week, she's left contemplating her future in the village but having been in the show for six years, will she decide to call it quits and leave Hollyoaks behind her?

Monday 6th August

Amy is resolved to move on after her split with Ally but after a drunken night out with Michaela, Ste is shocked when Amy makes a move on him!  Tilly and Jen have a hot date lined up but a new arrival scuppers Jen’s plans.  Meanwhile Dr Browning tries to ingratiate himself with the McQueens and Texas and Dodger agree to be ‘just good friends’…


Tuesday 7th August

Amy is humiliated as Ste questions her recent behavior but as she begins to sober up, Amy decides it’s time to make a few changes – she’s going to leave Hollyoaks.  Tilly’s frustrated with Jen for leaving her stranded but when she sees Jen heading out with a handsome stranger she decides it’s time to confront her – only it’s Jen’s brother!  Elsewhere, Browning proves he’s more than a match for Mercedes and Leanne’s attempts to help out Doug at the deli backfire when it’s broken into and trashed after she leaves the door open…or does she?


Wednesday 8th August

Mercedes is frustrated when she catches Browning with another woman and determines to make sure the sexy doctor knows he can’t push her around.  The walls are closing in for Jen as her brother learns the truth about her and Tilly.  Meanwhile, Ste says a tearful goodbye to Amy, Leanne tries to win back her friends and Brendan is shocked by an unexpected visitor…


Thursday 9th August

Following an anonymous tip off, Mercedes finds herself facing some tough questions from the police about Lynsey’s murder but will she get anyone to corroborate her alibi?  Jen insists that her relationship with Tilly is nothing more than ‘no strings’ fun – but will Tilly be able to accept that?  Ste is missing his kids and grows increasingly frustrated when it seems Doug doesn’t understand him and turns to an old acquaintance for comfort while Doug has a shock when his parents turn up un-expectantly!  Meanwhile Mitzeee’s struggling to cope with prison life and Brendan’s horrified to learn that Declan’s in deep trouble.


Friday 10th August

Dr Browning is frustrated to learn that Mercedes has been in touch with his ex-wife but Riley is increasingly concerned about their turbulent relationship – is Mercedes in over her head?  Brendan is more determined than ever to teach Sampson a lesson once and for all as he plans to scupper Sampson’s big drug deal, unaware that Sampson isn’t the one he should be worried about, it’s someone much closer to home…  Elsewhere Jen is faced with a dilemma – Tilly or her career, and Doug’s parent’s mistake Leanne for Doug’s girlfriend and afraid to come out to them he enlists Leanne’s help – but will he live to regret it?


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