What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Kate and Kyle's not so secret betrayal!

NeighboursAfter the drama of Troy's meltdown and subsequent demise, Jade is hoping for a bit of peace and quiet but that's far from materializing when Kate reveals all about her and Kyle's kiss!

Monday 6th August

Kyle’s plans to tell Jade the truth are interrupted when she insists on supporting Sonya while Callum and Toadie attend Troy’s funeral. Needing an escape, the sisters take a trip down memory lane and rediscover their old selves in a time capsule at their gran’s house. Realising how much Troy changed them, they decide to focus on the future, admitting how lucky they are to have found love with men like Kyle and Toadie. However, on their return, Kate beats Kyle to the punch and reveals their betrayal, turning Jade’s world upside-down. Conflicted Callum steels himself for Troy’s funeral, struggling to say goodbye to his biological father. Realising how tough this must be, Toadie tries to support him but Callum insists on performing a eulogy, surprising Toadie as he honours Troy as a past soldier. Fiercely proud of his son, Toadie supports Callum as he tearfully farewells the man who caused their family so much pain. Callum is finally getting the closure he needed.


Tuesday 7th August

After hooking up with Andrew, Summer’s given hope when he seemingly sends her flowers, unaware they’re actually from Lyn. Chris tries to keep her expectations in check, but Summer's hopes soar when Andrew invites her to Charlie’s for a drink – only for her to arrive to find that Tash, Chris and Ed are there too. When Tash begins harmlessly flirting with Andrew, Chris is just as confused as Summer, whose disappointment soon turns to jealousy as she gives the pair a public dressing-down. Meanwhile, Kyle channels his guilt at Kate, ripping into her for being a hypocrite. Deciding she can no longer live with Kyle, Jade starts packing up his belongings, but realises she first needs to know everything that happened. Kyle's explanation doesn’t change how she feels and she still kicks him out, forcing him to spend an uncomfortable night at the yard and her to let go of their relationship.


Wednesday 8th August

Lucas continues to enjoy being single, but when he sees his chaotic love life has become tabloid fodder, he’s forced to reassess his priorities. Upon being made to feel old by Andrew, Lucas questions what Vanessa must be thinking about him. She insists he should do what makes him happy and, after some soul searching, Lucas chooses to focus on his impending fatherhood. Having hit out at her for flirting with Andrew, Summer tries to apologise to Tash, who isn’t interested until her friend admits she lost it because she thought she wanted to get back together with him. Tash insists Summer only thinks she’s still in love, challenging her to move on from Andrew once and for all. Realising Tash is right, Summer attempts to do just that. Once again caught in the middle of all his friends’ problems, Chris feels like they don’t see how affected he is by his break-up. Angered by their selfishness, he uses the dating column to make it clear to them that he’s hurting too.


Thursday 9th August

When Rhys invites her over for something special, Vanessa assumes it’s to spend their first night together. But she’s thrown to discover it’s actually to meet his mother. Vanessa succeeds in making a good impression, although when Rhys seemingly rebuffs her advances, she fears her pregnancy is a turn-off. Deciding to confront him about it, she tracks him down at the hospital. Their argument is fast forgotten as they give in to their attraction, but when they hear Karl coming they’re forced to hide. Trapped and still scantily clad, how will Rhys and Vanessa get out of this? Suspecting Karl’s written a love song about her, Susan fears he still has feelings for her. Priya tries to relax her, but Susan’s concerns remain and she has words with Karl – only to discover the song isn’t about her at all. Embarrassed, Susan fears she’s made a fool of herself, but Karl takes it in good humour and even manages to help her laugh at herself. While working together on a crib to give Vanessa, Lucas takes steps to building bridges with Chris. However, when Vanessa is seemingly underwhelmed by it, Lucas realises he needs to get more creative. With Chris’s help, he incorporates materials from the garage and makes something truly unique. Impressed by his commitment to fatherhood, Chris reminds Lucas how lucky he is. Although they’re not together, Lucas realises he and Vanessa will always share a connection, but perhaps he’d like it to be even more.


Friday 10th August

After being busted by Karl at the hospital, Vanessa is disappointed when Rhys refuses to help Kyle. Upon learning of Jade and Kyle’s break-up, Vanessa challenges Rhys to help them, but he insists it’s not his place to get involved. Vanessa worries about Rhys’s selfishness, but is pleasantly surprised when he reaches out and helps Kyle. Convinced she’s helping to change him, Vanessa recommits to Rhys – only to discover she’ll soon be homeless. Trying to right the wrongs of what she did, Kate is rejected by Jade and chastised by Kyle. Heartened when Sophie sticks up for her, Kate prepares for what she thinks will be a routine inspection of the house by the Salvos. However, when Sophie discovers the home could be reclaimed, she lies about still living there. Uncomfortable with keeping up the pretence, Kate comes clean, but her emotional appeal to be able to stay falls on deaf ears. Upon learning Ajay’s being earmarked for state parliament, Priya’s disappointed he didn’t discuss it with her first. However, when in public, Priya stands by her husband, only privately admitting her reservations to Susan. Suspecting it’s just nerves about the unknown, Susan helps her see this could be a great thing for their family.


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