What's up in this week's Eastenders? Shirley makes a big decision!

EastendersWe know that Shirley isn't usually one to take the plunge unless we're talking about her low-cut tops but this week in Walford, the Albert Square resident makes a big decision ahead of her abseil, what is it?

Monday 6th August

Phil and Ben are rocked by the news of Ian's return and make a drastic decision in a bid to maintain their secret. Alfie begins to worry that the football team is falling apart, prompting a fired-up Kat to step up and take charge. Meanwhile, Kim is excited to think that Ray is about to take the next step in their relationship, while a cautious Denise worries that her sister may be jumping to conclusions.


Tuesday 7th August

As Shirley makes an apparent breakthrough with Ian, a panicked Ben decides on his own course of action, much to Phil's fury. Janine and Michael bring Scarlett home for the first time, but a fragile Janine can't help but push her husband away as the realities of caring for a premature baby begin to take their toll. Elsewhere, Kat's affair with her mystery lover continues as the first 'suspect' is eliminated.


Thursday 9th August

It is the day of Shirley's sponsored abseil but her fear of heights and insecurities in life result in her making a momentous decision. Elsewhere, Walford's Community Day sees Zainab go head-to-head with Lucy, Ray and Fatboy in a cook-off, while Lola impulsively enters Lexi into the baby competition. And Janine continues to struggle with being home with Scarlett as Michael slopes off for the day.

Remember that Eastenders is on BBC Two during the Olympics.

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