What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? Mercedes and Dr. Browning grow closer!

We're still none the wiser as to who killed Lynsey but this week in Chester, dastardly duo Dr. Browning and Mercedes grow closer but as he continues to hold her lies over her, can Mercy outwit the doctor?

Monday 30th July

When clever Mercedes helps Riley she’s rewarded with a kiss, but with a furious Browning witnessing is Mercedes in too deep?  Will is determined to clear his name by tracking down the woman who can provide his alibi, but will he be able to find her?  The Kane siblings struggle to deal with the fallout of Callum’s rage. Will Ash finally realise the extent of her mum’s problems? Elsewhere, excited at having Rob and Barney to bounce ideas off, Tony decides College Coffee should host their own version of the Olympics.  Meanwhile, Scott is still trying to make things up to Annalise, but is there a bigger problem between them?  Elsewhere, shocked that Mitzeee is pleading guilty, Nancy decides to visit her and a hen pecked Rhys gets a new job.


Tuesday 31st July

Mercedes is finally getting closer to Riley, but does Browning offer a more exciting and thrilling alternative?  Ally and Ash tackle Grace one last time about Will’s alibi but can Ash do enough to help her friend?  With Callum’s help, Martha attempts to deal with her demons - could the Kane family finally be turning a corner?  Meanwhile, with his relationship on the rocks, Scott takes drastic measures to save face while Jacqui attempts to build bridges with Rhys.


Wednesday 1st August

Faced with life changing news Will finally admits his feelings for Ash, but it seems he’s too late when she’s spotted cosying up to Ally…  During an impromptu lads session Browning and Riley find themselves bonding, but can this uneasy friendship last?  Carmel is buoyed by the efforts of her sister and by attention from an unexpected source. Elsewhere, Amy decides to go back to college and at Tony’s College Coffee Games, Scott is surprised to find Annalise as he’s never seen her before.


Thursday 2nd August

Will is desperate to raise cash for his lawyers’ bill but after all that’s happened will anyone give him a chance?  Amy and Ally’s relationship reaches crisis point but is this the end?  Michaela’s progress with Carmel is going well, but could an awkward encounter undo everything?  Elsewhere, Scott has shock news for his friends and Leanne gets a job working in Attwells, but can she prove she’s up to the job?


Friday 3rd August

Will has a difficult decision to make when a journalist offers him a lot of money for his story but his choice has consequences for Dodger.  Forced to reconsider her religion, Carmel feels her dysfunctional family aren’t taking her crisis of faith seriously.  Tilly and Jen continue their secret love affair, but when Tilly feels torn between her friends and her lover, who will she choose?  Leanne is enjoying working with Rob at the gym - can she put him under her spell?


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