What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Will Troy kidnap Callum?

NeighboursThis week in Ramsay Street, Troy barges into Callum's school with the intention of taking the young lad with him but can his son forgive him for the hurt he has caused?

Monday 30th July

Troy finally regains consciousness and, determined to press charges against Jade, arranges to meet with his lawyer. But when Ajay reveals that Callum doesn’t want to see him again, he's forced to reconsider his plan. Hoping to bring Callum round, Troy announces he won’t take action against Jade and he’ll drop the intervention order he has against Toadie - only to realise that it isn't enough and he may have lost his son for good. After stopping off at home to pack his bags, Troy shows up at the school, where it becomes clear he doesn’t intend to leave alone. Despite the fact that charges won’t be laid against her, Jade is still fearful of Troy. But Callum inspires her, insisting that they can move on from the fear that gives him power. When Troy reappears on the street, Jade faces her tormentor and makes it clear he no longer has power over her. Summer hopes that the night she spent with Andrew is a sign they’re about to get back together. Floating on air, she reveals her news to Susan, who urges caution and suggests she should talk to Andrew and make sure they’re on the same page. Her fears prove well-founded when Andrew reveals to Summer that he saw their night together as just fun and has no plans to rekindle their relationship.


Tuesday 31st July

After being confronted by agitated Troy, Priya turns him away but warns Toadie and Sonya about the incident. Wanting their son safely home, they head to the school and discover Troy’s car is still there. Toadie goes looking for him as Priya and Sonya try not to let Callum and Rani know what’s going on. However, when Callum takes matters into his own hands and finds Troy, he makes it clear he wants nothing to do with him. Desperate Troy begs for a chance but, when he hears police sirens, makes a run for it, only to blackout behind the wheel. When Kate clocks Jade’s stress over a deadline for her business proposal, she spies an opportunity to help out her friend – and to assuage some of her guilt for kissing Kyle. However, when Sophie’s suspicious of her motives, Kate’s forced to admit that she told Kyle how she felt and it didn’t work out. Sympathetic Sophie agrees to help and, with Chris’s assistance, they complete Jade’s proposal, much to her appreciation.


Wednesday 1st August

Concerned about how Troy's fate may affect Callum, Toadie arranges for the family to talk to a grief counsellor. Opening up to her, Callum explains that he feels guilty about his last conversation with Troy, but he’s been covering up how he feels so as not to upset Toadie or Sonya. After learning that Troy won’t even get a proper goodbye, Callum asks Toadie if they can pay tribute to him. But Sonya and Jade are adamant – Troy deserves nothing. Tash may have enjoyed the live action role play game she attended with Ed, but there’s no way she wants anybody else knowing that. She struggles to keep how she got Ed back on board from Andrew, but when Ed tags a photo of her LARPing on Facebook, her secret is out. Stuck in class and unable to untag herself, Tash is thrown to discover it’s just as well she didn’t, as Ed was testing her to see if she could be trusted. For Tash that’s one thing, but dealing with teasing from Andrew and Chris is another. Rhys is angry to learn that Karl let Troy leave the hospital before he died. Still annoyed with being kicked out of the share house because he did his job, he criticises Karl for not using the same professionalism. But when Karl cracks, Rhys realises he’s gone too far and apologises. As a result, Karl urges Jade to go easy on Rhys, prompting her to invite him back into Number 26.


Thursday 2nd August

Seeing Toadie and Sonya in need of comfort, Susan steps up as a friend. However, when Paul pushes her to print an article about Troy’s death, she’s torn between her duty to those she loves and her duty as editor. When Karl reminds her she’s capable of doing both, Susan tries to write the article but finds it incredibly hard. While Paul finds the silver lining in Susan’s decision not to run an article, Susan takes what she’s written to Toadie and Sonya, promising not to run it if they don’t approve. Susan waits anxiously for their verdict and eventually gets their blessing. But while she’s happy with what she’s written, Paul is not. Unable to admit her reservations about giving Troy a memorial relate to her own issues, Sonya insists they need to put him behind them. Toadie struggles to know how to get through to her, eventually accusing her of forcing her own feelings on everyone else. After some soul-searching and realising that, despite everything, Troy loved Callum, she agrees to give him a funeral. Needing a release after the intense effects of Troy’s death, Ajay and Karl come together to jam and decide to write a new song. Although they clash while trying to choose fresh subject matter, they finally find common ground when they bond over their experiences as fathers.


Friday 3rd August

Finally in a good place with Jade, Kyle covers his awkwardness when Jade insists on inviting Kate to brunch. After escaping a close call when Keith, the client who believes Kate is his girlfriend, arrives at Charlie’s, Kyle's guilt is only further piqued when loved up Jade invites him to move into her room. Unable to move forward while the kiss with Kate hangs over his head, he warns Kate he’s going to tell Jade the truth. But is Kyle about to lose everything? Paul has a go at Susan for printing a boring article on Troy’s death. Sick of his meddling, Susan issues him an ultimatum – he either backs her or sacks her. Paul returns to Zoe, delighted they’ve got Susan where they want her, only for her to reveal that his public image is still too delicate to allow him to return as editor. Forced to tell Susan she’s doing a good job, Paul is publically humiliated and furious – until Zoe promises him he’ll be back in the editor’s chair in six weeks. Meanwhile, concerned she may lose Zoe from her life again, Sophie feels reassured when Zoe reveals her romantic relationship with Paul is more important than the professional one she has with him. Sophie’s fears are allayed, but Paul can't help feeling annoyed with Zoe for prioritising his family over his career.


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