What's happening in Home And Away this week? Will Xavier leave Summer Bay?

With Xavier dead set on leaving Summer Bay, will stepdad John Palmer be able to convince him otherwise or will the teen walk away?

Monday 23rd July

Xavier is worried that his use of the police database will see him booted out of the academy, and John only appears to make matters worse when he asks Emerson to go easy on him. After he later escapes with a stern warnng, Xavier drops a bombshell on John: having been given food for thought by Sasha, he wants to separate work from his personal life by moving to Goulburn permanently. Leah’s surprised Ruby hasn’t seen an obstetrician yet and makes her promise she will. When pushed harder, however, Ruby's forced to reveal she lied about the pregnancy. Can Leah persuade her to put a stop to the emotional blackmail? Telling her he wishes he'd been there for her more, Sid gives Indi a cheque to cover the money she borrowed from Romeo. Indi later tells Ruby she's paid off her debt and, admitting defeat, agrees to distance herself from her ex. Roo’s apprehensive when it seems Alf isn’t keen on Harvey and Lottie staying permanently. When Marilyn suggests to her that his hesitation might have something to do with the fact that Roo and Harvey are all over each other, Roo tries to address this with her father - only to realise that he’s really concerned about her lack of planning ahead.


Tuesday 24th July

Despite John's attempts at talking him round, Xavier's set in his decision to leave the Bay, and he leaves Gina in a spin when he breaks her the news. Meanwhile, Jett busies himself calling every Richard Bozic in the phonebook in an attempt to find his father. As a parting gift to Gina, Xavier gives her the correct contact details from the database. Casey bonds with his father and looks forward to their road trip together. Meanwhile, Natalie having warned him that Casey has been slipping school, Brax pulls his brother away from Danny - only to be left shocked by his brother's plans to leave school in a couple of months' time. After berating Natalie for failing to give him a heads-up, Brax is later encouraged not to give up on Casey, realising that he and Natalie are on the same page after all. Continuing to be charmed by Danny, Marilyn invites him to share some cake in the house. During their conversation, she encourages him to concentrate on embracing the positive and moving forward with his life. Later, Alf warns her against getting involved with a Braxton whp’s spent ten years behind bars.


Wednesday 25th July

Casey having confided in her Danny's plans to put off their trip, Natalie drops Brax a hint over what's happened. Fed up with his dad's manipulation, Brax goes straight to Danny and offers him a deal – $50,000 for him to leave the family alone forever. When Danny responds by warning him he won't be told what to do, Brax returns to Casey and finally persuades him not to give up on school, at least until after his trials. Concerned to find Jett ringing strangers, Gina behind his back and identifies the correct number for Richard Bozic. Having agreed to help her track him down, Natalie comes back with information on Richard, on which Gina is hesitant to act. When Gina explains she's decided against giving Jett the information on his dad, Natalie opens up about her own past: her mum left her when she was younger and, from her own experience, she believes that Jett ought to know more about his family. Bianca seems to be back on track but realises Heath’s been avoiding her. From his point of view, he hasn’t felt comfortable being around since she ran to Liam during her psychotic episode. Later, Liam visits, and he and Bianca affirm the end of their marriage – but when Heath arrives he misinterprets their closeness as the opposite. Later that night, the baby suffers a fit and a terrified Heath watches on, afraid for his son.


Thursday 26th July

With the baby needing an urgent blood transfusion, Heath's confirmed as a match and is cleared for the procedure. With it becoming clear there's also something else on his mind, Bianca finally gets him to tell her what’s irritating him, and dispels his concerns about her and Liam. Having reached a good place, they decide on their baby’s name – Rocco – but Heath doesn’t want Rocco to be tarred with the Braxton surname. Irene hears of Bianca’s emergency and wants to join her in hospital, so Liam offers to hold down the fort at the diner. He finds himself needing Indi’s help and they get to talking about each of their exes; realising they’re both moping, they make a pact to move on with their lives. Dex helps April keep her eye on her studies through all the turmoil. Sid’s impressed by the support he’s giving her but questions whether he’s giving enough attention to his own studies - a concern confirmed after Dex receives a letter from uni. Romeo returns from his sales conference with a cute present for the baby that strikes a nerve with Ruby. When Leah realises Ruby still hasn’t come clean about her fake pregnancy, she urges her to tell Romeo the truth – or she will. Later, Romeo’s in the celebrating mood after being cleared for surfing, but a guilt-ridden Ruby is on the verge of losing it. Romeo soon incorrectly infers that she lost the baby. On the receiving end of Romeo’s affections, it’s a story with which Ruby can’t help but go along.


Friday 27th July

Romeo comforts Ruby in what he believes is the aftermath of losing the baby, later sharing the sad news with Alf and Roo. Hearing about the ‘miscarriage’ from Roo, Leah once again heads straight to Ruby, finding a broken girl begging for the opportunity to fix things. Meanwhile, Alf encourages Romeo to talk to Ruby, who after some soul-searching finally admits the truth. Romeo storms out of their caravan, leaving a distraught Ruby crying on the ground. April is thankful for Dex’s help in her exam preparation but wonders if he should be focusing on his own uni work. Sending April on her way to her exam, Dex shares with Irene that he’s gotten a final warning to hand in a late assignment by the end of the day. Lottie’s overheard Dex’s plight and steps in to rescue him, taking a much-needed hardball approach. Harvey returns from his visit to Mel with a disappointing result – she’s feeling more on top of things and wants to take Lottie with her when she moves to the city. Harvey breaks the news to Lottie, who can only try to cover her upset.

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