What's going down down under in Neighbours this week? Jade's worst nightmare comes true!

NeighboursThis week in Ramsay Street, Jade's nightmares come true as Troy ends up in hospital and the police are holding her responsible for his injuries!

Monday 23rd July

Callum is furious when he learns that Troy lied about dropping the intervention order against Toadie and rushes over to confront him, with Sonya in pursuit. Meanwhile, Jade learns that Troy has betrayed Callum and is determined to do whatever it takes to get him off the street. Concerned, Kyle tries to convince her to let the authorities deal with Troy but, despite initially seeming to take his advice on board, Jade decides she has to finish this fight once and for all. Having arrived at Troy's to find Sonya waiting anxiously outside, Jade bursts into the house and insists Callum leaves. Fearing they’ve blown his chance to connect with his son, Troy closes the door, trapping the sisters inside. Sonya tries to calm the situation, but Troy pushes Jade’s buttons, forcing her to finally snap and punch him. While Troy’s down, the girls make a run for it - but could his injuries be more serious than they thought?


Tuesday 24th July

Thrown by Troy’s disappearance, Jade is convinced he’s in hiding and preparing his revenge. But when Troy collapses in Lassiters Complex and is taken to hospital, Jade believes they’re safe, for now. Her relief is cut short, however, when the police arrive at the door. Troy made a statement before he lapsed into a coma, accusing Jade and Sonya of attacking him. Jade steps forward to take responsibility and admits it’s the truth. But will her honesty backfire? Meanwhile, Lucas and Vanessa each try to help Sonya and Jade in their own way. Lucas thinks Vanessa’s over-the-top feast is intruding on the family when what they really need is privacy – but, to his surprise, Vanessa’s food-and-awe campaign gets results.


Wednesday 25th July

Jade works out Rhys relayed Troy’s accusations to the police and lashes out, unable to believe that he took Troy’s side. Feeling guilty, Rhys seeks comfort in Vanessa and is thrown when she sides with Jade. Frustrated after being kicked out of home, he maintains that despite the consequence, he was right to give his patient a voice. Realising she judged him too harshly, sympathetic Vanessa offers Rhys a place to stay. Impressed by Rhys’s passionate convictions, Vanessa struggles to resist taking their romance to the next level. Distressed about Jade’s potential manslaughter charges, Callum refuses to visit Troy despite his critical condition. After being encouraged otherwise by both Sophie and Lucas, he heads to the hospital but can’t go inside. Adamant he wants nothing to do with Troy, Callum insists he doesn’t want to see him, even if he pulls through. Concerned for her friend, Sophie struggles to help Callum through his ordeal. When Paul assures her that she’s not meant to know how to handle such a complex situation, she resolves to just be a friend to Callum and is buoyed when it’s exactly what he needs.


Thursday 26th July

Worried about Toadie, Susan remains unaware that her position as editor of the Erinsborough News is under threat. Paul is orchestrating a meeting between her and Zoe, confident that they'll clash and his PR will finally agree to help him again. However, after learning of his plans and attempting to apologise to Susan for being so forthright, Zoe’s offended when she takes a call from Toadie during their chat. When Susan, with her thoughts elsewhere, insinuates that Zoe doesn’t know what she’s talking about, fired-up Zoe seeks out Paul and insists she’s back on board – she’s now determined to help him depose Susan and teach her a lesson. Andrew continues to pitch ideas for making money from Tash and Ed’s maths skills. But when he responds to Ed's protests by giving him the boot, Andrew soon hits on a cash cow and realises he needs his help more than ever. Cocky Andrew’s certain he’ll be able to talk him around, but when he fails, he urges Tash to find a way. Left with little choice, Tash seeks out Ed and discovers he has an unusual hobby, in which she too just may have to take an interest. Although he’s just spent the night with someone, Lucas is concerned when he thinks Vanessa’s done the same with Rhys. However, she Vanessa calls him on his double standards, Lucas is forced to prove he can get over his issues.


Friday 28th July

Thrilled to win an award for her efforts at the paper, Summer worries it's too soon to invite Andrew to a celebratory dinner. However, as she waits for Tash and Chris to arrive, Andrew surprisingly shows up to congratulate her and, seeing they’re on the way to becoming friends again, she asks him in. When Tash and Chris eventually arrive, Andrew makes a touching personal toast to Summer - after which she decides to follow her feelings once and for all. Pushing through her pride, Tash joins in the live-action role play to get a chance to talk to Ed. Although she’s confronted by the absurdity of the event, her competitive spirit eventually takes over and she manages to help Ed win the game for his team – and is triumphant when he finally agrees to hear out her business plan. But, as she finds herself warming to him, she fears the response of her friends when they find out that she’s got a soft spot for someone so different. Deciding to steal Susan’s thunder, Paul takes the credit for Summer’s award. Susan tries to brush off his interference, but when she sees Paul winning over the public, she confronts him about trying to steal her job back – and he’s forced to deny it.


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