What's sizzling in Summer Bay this week? Romeo and Ruby try to make their relationship work!

This week in Summer Bay, Xavier puts his job on the line to help Jett get in contact with his biological father and Ruby has doubts over her and Romeo!

Monday 16th July

When Alf offers to take Lottie out on the boat to help with her assignment, Roo advises him against the trip, in light of the memories it'll bring up about her brother's death. She finds herself proved wrong, however, when Lottie agrees to the outing and unexpectedly opens up to Alf about what happened. Angry that Danny's managed to escape jail, Brax resolves to keep him away from Cheryl by insisting that he can stay no longer than one night; then he's out. But Danny doesn't go far: after bonding with Heath during a visit to the hospital to see the new baby, he moves into the caravan park across from Ruby. Despite Romeo's commitment to finding a sales job to support the baby, Ruby is struggling to keep their relationship on track; it feels as though the pregnancy has put a distance between them. Getting nowhere with her attempts to seduce Romeo, Ruby turns her attentions to Casey...


Tuesday 17th July

Ruby swears Casey to secrecy over their kiss, but when Sasha spots them sharing a hug the moment doesn't fail to ignite suspicion. Sick of feeling on the outer after Sasha takes her to task, Ruby retaliates and gives Casey food for thought by suggesting he tell his 'girlfriend' to back off. Will Sasha admit to having feelings for him? Meanwhile, Indi's surprise at seeing Romeo going for his sales jobs is mirrored by Liam, who thinks he's trying too hard to be someone he's not. Although Liam warns him he's staying with Ruby for all the wrong reasons, Romeo insists it's something he has to do. After landing a job as regional sales manager for Mungo sportswear, he confirms his commitment to Ruby and, taking off his wedding ring, reassures her his relationship with Indi is over. Elsewhere, as Danny turns on the charm to form an unlikely friendship with Marilyn, Brax gets his mother packed up and out of the house in a bid to protect her. When Danny later turns up at Cheryl's, however, it doesn't take long for him to fall into an argument with Brax. As threats are made and lines are drawn, Danny demands back the $50,000 he left with Cheryl – and to him it means nothing when his son claims not to have it anymore. Wanting to unleash his anger on someone, Brax returns to Angelo's and fires Liam for not listening to him about Hayley.


Wednesday 18th July

At the hospital, Bianca is still having trouble discerning between what's real and what’s not, but seems to be showing signs of improvement. The relief from her problems proves short-lived, however, when she escapes to visit Liam, convinced they're still togteher. Unsure how best to handle the situation, Liam calls April – only for things to turn ugly when she sends Heath to collect her. Meanwhile, the morning sees Sasha and Natalie find Casey asleep on the beach, hungover after a night's drinking with Danny. After getting him cleaned up, the women find themselves with very different concerns: as Natalie worries about the reason behind his wiping himself out, Sasha can't help wondering if his suspicions of her feelings for him might be to blame.


Thursday 19th July

Despite being put through his paces by Emerson, Xavier's work experience at the police station finds him distracted by concerns about Jett – and in particular his violent streak. When he then spots the youngster getting into a fight outside the Surf Club, he recovers a photo of Jett pictured with a man he doesn't recognise and, while off duty, seizes the opportunity to illegally run a cross-reference on the COP database. Having identified the stranger as Richard Bozic, Xavier confronts an angry Jett, prompting Gina to demand to know what’s going on. Back in hospital after her psychotic episode, Bianca can’t remember anything about the last couple of days; however, when the medication kicks in, she is able to acknowledge both her relationship with Heath and the existence of her baby. As Bianca begins to show further signs of improvement, Sid and Irene are relieved to witness the moment she visits her son and takes his hand. Meanwhile, tired and struggling to cope, April remains stressed about Bianca and how Heath is dealing with her condition. Dex in turn is worried about her, only to find that April has her own ideas about how she wants to be looked after...


Friday 20th July

Jett asks Xavier why he thinks the guy in the photo is Richard Bozic, revealing his belief this might be his dad and that he wants help finding out whether or not he lives nearby. Gina and John, however, are ashamed to think that Xavier's willingness to help stems from his wanting to be rid of Jett; it's only after hearing from the youngster how desperate he is for information that they agree to him getting involved. But as Xavier digs up information at work, he finds his career on the line when he's busted by Emerson. Meanwhile, despite her problems, Indi resolves to stay strong and take control of her life. However, her determination is tested when she finds out her shifts at the diner have been cut, and she finally cracks when she loses her wedding ring.

Roo is taken aback when she learns that Lottie wants to live with them permanently, and even more so when Alf gives Harvey a job running charters on the Blaxland; she feels as though she’s not involved in any of the decision making that is going on around her. When she confesses to Alf that she’s feeling sidelined, she struggles to explain what it is she wants; however, a dinner with Harvey soon exposes the truth when she's forced to admit that the idea of becoming a full-time step-mother terrifies her.


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