What's happening this week in Hollyoaks? Silas pays Texas a visit!

This week in Chester, serial killer Silas makes his escape and there's one person he is determined to get at all costs... original target Texas! Will the villain finally make his kill?

Monday 16th July

Will’s devastated about his continuing estrangement from Dodger and Texas.  Dodger softens slightly when Will admits he wanted to write Silas’ memoirs to raise money for the family. Ash tries to broker peace between the brothers but to no avail. Brendan withholds his fears about Sampson, but terrified for Cheryl’s safety, misguidedly entrusts her care to Walker. Maddie’s reeling from her parents’ divorce, but refuses to dwell on it, instead rallying her friends for an epic last blow-out in Abersoch.


Tuesday 17th July

Ash persuades Will to stop hiding away and face the village, but her plan backfires when he’s outcast even further in a hate campaign led by Texas and Ally. Ash’s left more determined than ever to prove his innocence, even if that means taking extreme measures... But is Will hiding something? Cheryl confronts Brendan about why he’s made Walker her minder, and is devastated by the truth. Has Brendan lost her forever? Meanwhile, Esther takes the shine off Maddie’s dream holiday when she arrives in Abersoch with Ryan.  While Neil feels left out when all Bart and Jono want to do is smoke weed.


Wednesday 18th July

Ash plays into Silas’ hands when she desperately tries to gain access to him at the psychiatric hospital. She tries to cause a diversion but this only leads to Silas’ escape… is anyone safe? When a cruel act of vandalism devastates Will, Dodger has to choose between sticking by his brother or Texas... Maddie’s dismayed her Abersoch trip has become a total wash-out. However, is she putting herself in danger as she heads out drunk and alone?  Meanwhile, Jen turns up to see Tilly so Tilly lies Maddie about having a family emergency to spend time with her girlfriend…


Thursday 19th July

The village is horrified to learn Silas has escaped and is on the run. Seeking out a lone Texas – will Silas strike again? George admits to Sinead he’s a virgin and terrified of getting intimate with Ryan. Esther overhears screaming and races to rescue to Maddie from over-familiar Jamie but is she too late?  There’s yet another horrible surprise back at the Abersoch house…


Friday 20th July

The village is left shaken by Silas’ reappearance and pushy Ash is disgusted to learn what Will was really up to the night of the murder – another of Silas’ tasks to get inside his head… Meanwhile, Carmel is a shadow of her former self. Jacqui tries to get her socializing again with a girls night in but when Carmel is getting ready she breaks down… Maddie’s devastated to discover her dad is leaving Hollyoaks, but is Esther making a huge mistake divulging the divorce to Tilly?


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