What's happening in Home And Away this week? The Braxtons argue over Danny!

This week in Home And Away, with Danny applying for bail, the Braxton brothers argue, will they be able to come together and agree on things if their dad gets out?

Monday 9th July

Concerned that Romeo will leave her, Ruby reveals she’s pregnant and secures a commitment from him to stand by her. In the meantime, as Roo silences Alf's suspicions that this latest development is all too convenient, Indi decides she needs to tell Romeo that she’s still in love with him, only to be left heartbroken when Marilyn accidently lets slip the big news. Echoing Heath's concern about Bianca's refusal to see her son, Sid realises her problems run deeper than he first thought and is led to diagnose post-natal psychosis: the new mum believes her baby's died and that everyone is lying to her. Despite being told to tread lightly, Heath tries to explain to Bianca that everything's fine - only for her to lose it and kick him out. Pangs of jealousy hit Dex as he grows suspicious of April’s feelings towards Heath. He can't help but notice that she's spending a lot of time defending her ex - and he's left even more insecure when she shuts down his attempts to get closer to her.


Tuesday 10th July

When Dex reveals to Romeo that Indi knows about the pregnancy, he rushes over to apologise. Clocking that she learnt the news because she was going to tell him she was still in love with him, he tries to get it out of her, but instead she kicks him out and asks him to let her move on with her life. In the meantime, Ruby is concerned that the pregnancy is driving a wedge between her and Romeo, and when he tries to end their relationship, she struggles and begs him to stay. Dex lends Indi money in order to organise a photo shoot for her modelling portfolio. But when the sleazy photographer suggests that Indi needs to take her clothes off, she shuts it down and loses the cash in the process. Dex, however, isn’t too concerned, as his troubles with April are still plaguing him. He tracks her down to confess his undying love for her, and finally they are able to be together in every way. It’s the day of Jett’s mother’s funeral, and Gina can't help feeling concerned about the youngster. When she sees VJ has a bloody lip and learns that Jett is acting out, she confronts him – only for John to witness him the moment he retaliates and accidentally pushes her over.


Wednesday 11th July

When Lottie moves in to Summer Bay House, Alf clocks that she seems a little nervous and urges Roo to make sure that she's okay. When Roo confronts her, she learns that Lottie is scared that they will hate living with her and kick her out. Once assured, Lottie goes back to being her normal, if not slightly quirky, self. Natalie's concerned when Casey confides in her that Brax isn't handling the news of Danny's possible release from prison. With Casey's interests at heart, she tries without success to talk to his older brother; she persists after learning more about his past, only to get the door slammed in her face. In the meantime, Casey is avoiding home, opting to stay with Sasha – who can't help hoping that their friendship can be taken to the next level. Xavier's furious to learn of Jett's attack on Gina, believing that this time he's gone too far to be deserving of her support. With Gina refusing to give up, mum and son fail to see eye-to-eye – until Jett returns, apologetic, and Xavier realises that maybe there is something in helping this kid after all.


Thursday 12th July

It’s the day of Danny’s court case, and Brax is worried that his dad stands a real chance of an early release from prison and turns to Hayley, hoping to convince her to stop the appeal. As the meeting gets heated and Brax struggles to contain his aggression, Liam is quick to jump to her defence – only to discover that she's using again, and to unexpectedly find himself tempted by old habits himself. When she realises that Roo's finding it difficult to connect with her, an upset Lottie decides to play up to her idea of a 'normal' teenager by skipping school and acting out. With Sasha as her partner in crime, the girls plan a day of rebellion, only for their fun to be cut short when Roo finds them about to dye Lottie’s hair pink. After an all-out row, Roo and Lottie realise they have a lot more in common than they originally thought.


Friday 13th July

After his drug binge, Liam wakes up with a cut on his head. When Leah noticess that he’s bleeding, she rushes him to hospital, where they learn he's suffered a cocaine-induced seizure. Realising that his life has taken a bad turn since hooking up with Hayley, Liam has to make the decision on whether or not he should stay with her. In the meantime, Liam runs into Bianca at the hospital, who is still suffering from post-natal psychosis. She tells Liam she’s still in love with him and that she needs him to help her, believing her baby was murdered and that she's the victim of a cover-up. Liam struggles with the pressure, realising there isn’t much he can do for her in his current state of mind. The appeal is underway, as the Braxton brothers argue about what will happen if their father is released. Brax is convinced that only bad news can come if Danny is freed, but Heath and Casey are committed to giving their old man a second chance. Hayley, struggling with the pressure and her cocaine comedown, suggests the case is strong but not a definite, and sends the boys home to wait for the ruling. The stress becomes too much for Brax and he shuts down Angelo’s, just as he gets a special visitor...

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