What's happening in Home And Away this week? Will Casey and Danny connect?

This week in Summer Bay, with Bianca's life hanging in the balance, will Sid be able to save her or will Heath become a single parent?

Monday 2nd July

Tensions run high as the doctors work on Bianca post-seizure, with Sid explaining to her loved ones that they've been forced to put her into an induced coma to minimise the risk of a stroke - but it isn't long before her condition goes from bad to worse. Meanwhile, As Irene's concerns for Heath prompt her to call Brax, Dex's decision to comfort April turns awkward when Lottie arrives at the hospital. Seeing that Casey's troubled over Brax's reaction to his wanting to see his father, Natalie tries reaching out to him. When he eventually confides in her, she suggests to Casey that his own relationship with his father has the potential to be completely different. Despite Brax’s wishes, Casey retrieves Heath’s legal advice from the bin and copies down some information. Elsewhere, Roo secretly hopes all Lottie needs to do is vent before they can send her back to Mel. When it becomes clear to her that her stay isn't permanent, Lottie makes herself scarce - and, without much support from Harvey, Roo can't help second-guessing the decision.


Tuesday 3rd July

Having turned to Natalie for advice, Casey comes to the realisation that he needs to meet Danny for himself - no matter how much it angers Brax. Despite his initial resentment towards Natalie for encouraging the idea, Brax eventually agrees to the visit – on the condition that he can join him. However, he can't help feeling unsettled at the sight of Danny and Casey together, and is even more concerned to learn of his brothers' joint plans to get their dad out of jail. When Casey reveals he's considering visiting Danny, Sasha suggests he speak to his counsellor. Talking it through, Natalie encourages him to weigh up the pros and cons, prompting the realisation that he needs to meet his dad for himself - no matter how much it angers Brax. Despite his initial anger, a chat with Natalie leads Brax to agree to the meeting - provided he's there too. Roo having found Mel sleeping in her car and realised that Lottie spent the previous night on her own, Harvey confronts his ex-wife. Despite brushing off his concerns, Mel's struggles become all too clear at the hospital, where Heath berates her when she becomes emotionally paralysed while treating his son. When Sid sends her home, insisting he'll take the lead with the baby's treatment, Mel attacks Harvey and Roo for their meddling - but her fury turns to devastating when she finds out Lottie's run away from home. Despite being unsure if it’s his place or not, Liam makes contact with April following news of Bianca's condition - only to back out of his planned hospital visit when he learns from Irene that Heath's there too. Meanwhile, having proposed a move to the city, Hayley takes Liam's decision to stay in the Bay as confirmation that he still has feelings for Bianca; devastated, when Heath asks her to do whatever it takes to get Danny out of jail, she asks for drugs in return.


Wednesday 4th July

When Roo discovers that Lottie has run away to stay with them, Harvey dissuades Mel from picking her up. Instead he and his ex-wife sit down to talk, during which she confesses that she's barely coping following the death of their son. Meanwhile, Alf having encouraged her to set things straight with her mum, Lottie walks in on Mel admitting that she thinks she could move on if she were on her own – but, to her parents' surprise, welcomes the honesty. After Mel issues Roo an apology, together they all agree to Lottie staying at Summer Bay House for the time being. Meanwhile, John and Xavier's relief at being rid of the drama with Jett proves short-lived when Gina finds the youngster on the street and learns that he's run away from his foster family. Refusing to turn her back on him, she agrees to Jett staying with her family on a temporary basis - but John warns him not to take advantage of her generosity. Elsewhere, as Dex wallows in his heartache, Lottie tells him that she's like to be friends again - but he doesn't get as much kindness from April, who gives him a serve for getting Sasha to do his dirty work. It's only when Irene challenges her that April realises her feelings for Dex, later finding him in the diner and revealing she loves him.


Thursday 5th July

Unhappy with John for making Jett feel unwelcome, Gina asks him to make more an effort. His solution is to get Jett to work at the Surf Club - for money, Gina hopes - but he's a stern taskmaster and Jett, in a foul mood, steals a wallet from a bag outside the club. Soon after, John busts him and Gina lays down the law – Jett needs to change his behaviour if he’s to stay in their family. With Lottie now staying there, Summer Bay is fast running out of space, prompting Ruby to suggest to Romeo that they move out together. Despite his concerns, Ruby refuses to agree that they'd be rushing into something. Meanwhile, with Indi giving him the cold shoulder, Romeo confronts her - and soon pieces together the fact that Ruby warned her off. Meanwhile, Hayley hides her stash of cocaine from Liam, distracting him with a glass of wine. Amid fears that his drinking could lead to other things, Liam later uncovers the drugs in her drawer.


Friday 6th July

Keen to repay Romeo the money she owes, Indi weighs up her options - and is less than impressed when Marilyn suggests that modelling could be the answer. She changes her tune when an agent expresses an interest, but her money worries once again stop her in her tracks as she realises she's unable to pay for a portfolio. Meanwhile, Romeo having confronted her about her manipulation of him, Ruby learns he's confused about their relationship and so, taking Leah's advice on board, tells him to take his time. However, when she witnesses Romeo comforting Indi, Ruby's suspicions that this will lead to their own break-up prompts her to drop a bombshell - she's pregnant. Elsewhere, Dex and April tell Heath that talking to Bianca may help in her recovery. As he gives it a try, Bianca regains consciousness. April is overjoyed to have her sister back, but it’s soon clear something else could be wrong; their fears seem to be confirmed when Bianca refuses to see her baby.

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