What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Will Kate admit her feelings for Kyle?

NeighboursThis week in Erinsborough, sensing a rift between Kyle and Jade, Kate decides to take the opportunity to admit her feelings for Kyle to the lad himself, can she go through with it?

Monday 2nd July

Having agreed to help Sheila throw a street party for the Queen’s Jubilee, Kyle is upset when an increasingly distant Jade refuses to take part. Realising that the couple aren’t in a good place, and encouraged by Sheila, Kate sees an opportunity to tell Kyle how she feels. She wrestles with her decision all day, but when Kyle finally confesses that his relationship with Jade is getting too hard for him to handle, Kate finally reveals her true feelings. How will he react to her revelation? Troy's presence in Ramsay Street is proving a constant source of stress for Sonya - so much so that she doesn’t even want to stay at home, let alone go to a street party. But when she’s reminded of how lucky she is to have someone like Toadie by her side, Sonya puts aside her fears and joins the celebrations, despite Troy’s looming presence. Worried about the idea of co-parenting with Lucas, wary Vanessa does her best to put him off. However, when Sonya reminds her how great it can be to have an ally, Vanessa commits to living with the father of her child.


Tuesday 3rd July

Toadie and Sonya struggle to ignore Troy as he engages his new neighbours at the street party. When Callum arrives at the party and finds Troy there, he causes a scene and Toadie works hard to settle the situation. However, when Troy insists on talking things out with his son and refuses to leave, protective Toadie fires up and attacks him. Fearing he’s put their custody case in jeopardy, Toadie’s frustrated at himself. But he then learns that Troy’s taken out an intervention order against him, and is forced to immediately leave the street. Gutted Toadie assures his family that he’ll sort everything out – but watching her world unravel proves too much for pregnant Sonya and she collapses. Are Sonya and her unborn baby in danger? Thrown by Kate’s revelation, Kyle insists he’s committed to Jade despite their recent troubles. Concerned for her troubled grandson, Sheila chooses not to push her own agenda, instead urging Kyle to find his own way through this. More confused than ever, Kyle tries to shake it off and returns to the street party – but it’s clear he’s unable to get Kate’s words out of his mind. When Dawn insists on attending the street party, Lou works hard to keep up the English gentleman routine in front of his neighbours. Enjoying his banter, Dawn proposes he join her on a trip to the UK. Knowing he couldn’t keep up the charade for two months, Lou declines – but as Dawn makes him an offer that could clear all his debts, can Lou really afford to refuse her?


Wednesday 4th July

Terrified they could lose the baby, Toadie rushes Sonya to hospital, where despite being told all is well they find the nightmare of Troy's return hangs over them. Realising their only hope of stopping Troy lies in her hands, Jade finally tells Sonya her long-held secret: she and Troy were once together, and he was the abusive boyfriend that caused her so much pain; she has the medical records to prove it. But, with Sonya too stunned to offer her comfort, has Jade lost her sister for good? Lou brushes up on all things British in order to be Dawn’s tour guide ahead of her holiday to the UK. He’s conflicted: he can earn the $10,000 dollars she's willing to pay and clear his debt to Kate, but at the cost of robbing Dawn of the trip of her dreams. When Lou confesses all, it comes as no surprise to Dawn, who reveals she never bought the accent in the first place; he makes her laugh, and that’s all she wants. Meanwhile, unable to forgive the fact that Ajay's representing Troy, Callum tries to push Rani away; however, his friend isn't quite so easily shaken off, and finally a truce is agreed - for now.


Thursday 5th July

Keen to move things along romantically with Zoe, Paul suggests they have a long lunch together. Before she can agree, however, Sophie and Andrew crash their meeting in the throes of an argument. Andrew wants Sophie to play a one-off gig for The Right Prescription, but Sophie refuses on the grounds that it will damage her musical reputation. When Zoe sides with Sophie’s viewpoint, Sophie takes a strong shine to her. Andrew isn’t so enamoured, believing that Paul dating again will only lead to more hurt for everyone concerned - and, after reluctantly agreeing to give her a chance, he's less than impressed to witness firsthand just how quickly the relationship is moving. Overwhelmed after spilling her secret, and struggling to deal with Sonya’s harsh reaction, Jade feels comforted by Kyle but struggles with the decision over whether or not to reveal to him her past with Troy. After Sonya summons Jade back to hospital and gives her an earful, Jade’s remorseful response softens her sister and she realises that they’ve both suffered the same fate. Wanting to avoid telling Kyle the truth, Jade offers to stay with Sonya when she gets out of hospital. For Kyle, however, Jade’s solution leaves him feeling alone and useless. Will Jade reach out and let her boyfriend in before it’s too late?


Friday 6th July

Unsure what to do after dropping out of Contemporary Arts, Tash brushes off Karl’s well-meaning advice and heads into work. Embarrassed after mistakenly assuming that customer Ed is trying to ask her out, Tash apologises and offers to help with the equation he’s working on – only to take offence when he dismisses her as just a ditzy waitress. Eventually realising that he underestimated her, Ed urges Tash to join him at a uni maths club. Tash is reluctant until Karl convinces her to embrace her talents regardless of what anyone else thinks. However, despite wanting to do just that, Tash chickens out, not yet ready to see herself as ‘one of them.’ Will Tash let her fears get in the way of what she loves? Keen to continue his professional and personal relationship with Zoe, Paul’s thrilled when she secures a photo shoot to promote him as a family man. Sophie's thrilled, but Andrew can't help fearing that the relationship means less to Paul and that the teen is investing too much in the chance of things working out. Can Paul prove his son wrong?

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