What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? The village recovers from the events of Friday!

This week in Chester, the village recovers from the dramatic events of last week as Brendan struggles to come to terms with the loss of one of his friends and has just one thing on his mind, revenge!

Monday 2nd July

Brendan is forced to face some tough questions from the police when his war with Sampson escalates but Brendan is determined he’s going to find a way to finish it once and for all.  Jacqui is looking forward to Carmel coming home from hospital but Jacqui is concerned for her sister when she realises just how badly the accident has affected her.  Elsewhere Mercedes continues to inveigle her way into Riley’s home and Texas and Dodger grow closer on a road trip.


Tuesday 3rd July

A scorned Brendan is hell bent on revenge but Walker warns him that the cost of revenge could prove too high and encourages him to play it safe.  But will Brendan heed Walker’s warning?  Mercedes’ jealousy piques when Riley decides to pay a visit to Mitzeee but as he struggles to deal with everything that’s happened, which woman will he side with?  Meanwhile Carmel is frustrated when she finds out that Jacqui’s been keeping secrets from her and Amy is horrified when she learns the truth about Ally…


Wednesday 4th July

The village is buzzing after Texas’ decision to go to the press. But has she just made things worse? A shocking phone call could change everything. Elsewhere devastated Brendan is desperate to get Cheryl to safety – can he convince her to leave the village? In hospital Carmel is still furious Jacqui lied to her, will the rest of the family be able to persuade Carmel to come home?


Thursday 5th July

Texas is left terrified for her life. When Ally introduces Carmel to some of his army buddies she realises how much she has to live for and finally decides to come home. Elsewhere George and Esther hear about the opportunity of a lifetime, an internship at Company magazine.


Friday 6th July

Texas faces some demons from the past. Esther is delighted to get some good news – could her dream of a fashion internship in London still happen? Elsewhere a vulnerable Riley finds himself increasingly dependent on a supportive Mercedes, but does she have him exactly where she wants him?


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