What's occuring in Eastenders this week? Joey and Lucy, new romance?

EastendersThis week in Albert Square, Joey comes to the rescue when Lucy gets herself stuck in a sticky situation, the question is, could a new romance be on the cards for the two teens?

Monday 2nd July

Kat decides Alfie's recruitment process for the Queen Vic football team is not working and decides to approach Walford's men for one-on-one negotiation. Joey uses Alice to get back at Derek but can she convince him of their father's changed ways? A furious Lola hunts down Jay convinced he tipped off the police about the vandalism at the car lot.


Tuesday 3rd July

Alice is forced to choose between the two men in her life when Joey pulls out all the stops to hurt Derek during a family lunch. Alfie misses a vital penalty during The Vic's first football match but can Kat bring herself to drop him from the team? Phil comes up with a novel idea to help distract Shirley from her grief.


Wednesday 4th July

Kat's confidence is boosted as she flirts with Derek, Jack, Max, Michael and Ray but she soon finds herself in a compromising situation. Lola and Jay spend the day together but their shenanigans leave them trapped. Will Lola make it home in time to beat her curfew? Phil forbids Ben from reminding Shirley it is Heather's birthday.


Thursday 5th July

A guilty Kat tries to put the events of yesterday behind her but will this be as simple as she thinks? Sasha and Cora devise a cunning plan to increase sales at the charity shop while Joey comes to Lucy's rescue after she finds herself in a tricky situation.


Friday 6th July

Shirley's erratic behaviour spirals out of control as she finds herself in a dangerous position but which unlikely resident will come to her rescue? Joey's romance with Lucy heats up but he is soon forced to make a big decision which is bound to disappoint her. A tired and emotional Janine is stunned when Michael announces he has registered their baby's new name without her.


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