Former 'Eastenders' actress Zoe Lucker to star in 'Waterloo Road'

Former Eastenders and Footballers' Wives star Zoe Lucker is set to join BBC1 drama series Waterloo Road as the matriarch of a new family who are set to cause trouble for headmaster Michael Byrne (Alec Newman).

Zoe will star as Carol Barry, the head of a Liverpudlian criminal family who will cause mayhem for the rest of the pupils and the teachers at Michael's new all ability academy in Scotland. With her husband in prison, Carol brings up three children, troublesome son Barry (Carl Au) and daughters Dynasty and Kacey (Abby Mavers and Brogan Ellis) up on her own.

Commenting on her new role, Lucker said: '''m delighted to join the cast of Waterloo Road and work with Shed and the BBC again. It's a show I've always enjoyed and I'm thrilled to be part of the outrageous Barry family.''

''Carol and her kids are going to ruffle plenty of feathers in Waterloo Road - you can't trust them as far as you can throw them! They're a family of great characters - you just wouldn't want the Barrys in your neighbourhood!"

We ourselves are looking forward to being introduced to the Barry family as if they're as exciting as they sound, we could find the new series' answer to the highly popular Kelly family, introduced in Series 4.



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