What's happening in Home And Away this week? Will Bianca's baby survive?

This week in Summer Bay, Bianca's relief after her baby is born is short lived when she finds out that there are complications.

Monday 25th June

After learning that Jett’s mother is in hospital, and that he’s lost his keys and has been sleeping on the beach, Gina decides to take care of him - little realising that John has decided to take matters into his own hands following Marilyn's mugging. In the meantime, Gina has convinced the youngster to confess to Marilyn, who finds it in her heart not to take things further. Just as she forgives Jett, however, the police arrive to arrest him. When she learns that he has had his keys all along, Gina goes to his house, only to find Jett’s mother dead. After suffering a collapse, Alf is rushed to hospital, where Roo arrives in time to learn that her father has contracted malaria during his travels in Thailand. In his stressed state, Alf tells Roo that he doesn’t think Harvey is good enough for her. But when Sid gives Alf the all-clear, Roo pounces on her chance to defend her choice of boyfriend. Sasha begs Dex to use his intellect for good and help tutor Casey. Clocking on that Sasha has an ulterior motive, Dex rejects her, only to find he has no choice when Casey later shows up anyway. As the study session goes on, tensions run high between the siblings, finally ending in an all-out row that pushes Sasha to confess that her feelings for Casey run deeper than he's previously been prepared to admit.


Tuesday 26th June

After Gina finds Jett’s mother dead, she learns that he’s known for three days and this is the real reason for his not having been home. Concerned about his future, she convinces Marilyn to go to the police and ask to drop the charges. Jett is released but, not having any other family, is sent away to live with a foster family. Logan comes back to Summer Bay to surprise Indi, but soon realises that their long distance relationship isn’t working, and asks her to move to Hong Kong with him. However, when Indi goes to Romeo for advice, Logan accepts her hesitation as a sign that she's not yet ready to commit to anything new. In the meantime, Ruby is pushing forward with her plans for the Surf Shop. When she suggests to him that they open a joint account, Romeo becomes worried she’ll find out about the money he’s loaned to Indi and tries to change the subject. But he fails to keep the truth under wraps for long when Logan, having just broken up with Indi, confronts him about bailing her out, only for Ruby to overhear their conversation. Everything seems to be going well with Liam and Hayley – she’s clean, and he's pleased that he could help. With Leah still concerned about his rushing into a relationship, Liam decides to get away with Hayley for a while. Just when everything seems perfect, Hayley tries to hide a call from Heath, making Liam question whether she's still treading in dangerous waters.


Wednesday 27th June

Upset about Romeo handing out money to his ex, Ruby goes to Indi to tell her to keep her distance, revealing that the cash wasn't his to give. Understanding that he did something wrong by covering up the loan, Romeo promises that he’ll stick by Ruby. But she is still insecure about his feelings for Indi, and decides to plead with her to let him go. Worried about Hayley and her dealings, Liam gives her an ultimatum – stop working with Heath, or it’s over between them. But Hayley refuses, claiming it is the only thing that will get her career back on track. Realising he doesn’t t have the right to ask her to give up her work, Liam instead settles on a promise to make sure Heath doesn’t take advantage of her. Meanwhile, wanting to find a way to get Danny out of jail, Heath turns to Hayley - who, after telling him there isn’t much hope, is surprised to find a discrepancy in the case used to convict him.


Thursday 28th June

When Sid explains the baby is in danger, and an early caesarean is required, Bianca and Heath are forced to discuss their options. Bianca makes Heath promise that if there are any complications, he needs to tell Sid to save the baby first. When Bianca goes into seizure, and Heath relays the message, April is left dismayed that he could do that to her sister. Just as she confronts him, Sid comes out with good news: both baby and mother are stable. Meanwhile, Brax is furious to find a note explaining that Heath and Hayley are trying to get Danny out of jail, worried that Danny will worm his way back into his and his brothers' lives. But when Leah suggests Brax should visit Danny for himself, he realises Danny hasn’t changed one bit, and he doesn’t want a bar of him. Brax tells Danny to give up his dreams of freedom, not realising that he didn’t know of Heath's plan to get him out.


Friday 29th June

Heath and Bianca are over the moon with the birth of their son. With April still upset with Heath for putting the baby's life before Bianca's, her sister's confession that it was at her request makes her realise just how much the new arrival already means to them both. However, just as April watches them with their little boy, something goes wrong, and Bianca has a seizure. When confronts him about trying to get their dad out of jail, Heath reveals that Danny doesn’t know anything about it. In the meantime, Casey clocks on that there is something going on between his brothers, and that it involves his father. When he finds a piece of paper that states that Danny may be able to get out early, he tells Brax that he wants to be involved - only for his efforts to be shut down. Meanwhile, Harvey has told Mel that he needs to sell the house to pay for his fines, and that she and Lottie will need to find somewhere else to live. When Lottie arrives at the hospital, distraught over Dex having broken up with her, Mel's reaction sends her straight in the direction of Harvey and Roo in search of a more permanent place to stay.


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