What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Ramsay Street has a new neighbour...and he's a familiar face!

NeighboursThis week in Ramsay Street, Callum may be reopening old wounds when Rani encourages to pay a visit to Ramsay Street's newest resident...his father Troy!

Monday 25th June

Choosing to focus on his business after his failed attempts at warning Summer about Griffin, Andrew is thrown to discover The Right Prescription now doesn’t have a bass player. Realising he’s jeopardised his business by acting on an emotional whim, he scrambles to find a replacement. While he continues to fail, he’s surprised when Sophie steps up and offers to do it. Knowing Sophie's unlikely to consider herself the right fit for the line-up, Andrew questions her motivation and learns from her that it was Summer's idea. Grateful for each other’s private gestures, it’s clear that even though they’re not talking, Andrew and Summer still care for each other. While Callum continues investing in his feelings for Rani, he’s also intrigued as a new neighbour moves into Number 32. When Rani meets and is charmed by the mystery buyer, she inadvertently puts Callum in harm’s way by encouraging him to pay a visit – not realising the man is actually his biological father, Troy. Determined to prove he doesn’t need help being good company to a lady, Lou walks Kate through his moves. However, when she manages to point out many flaws, he begrudgingly agrees to take on her advice and become more sophisticated.


Tuesday 26th June

Shocked to discover that Troy is their new neighbour, Toadie vows he won’t let him be part of his son’s life. When Sonya comes home struggling after a hard day, Toadie decides to hold back the truth - only for his attempts to be derailed when Callum spills the beans. When Sonya tells Troy he has no future with Callum, Troy appears to accept and leave. But, as Toadie and Sonya quietly hope for an end to the drama, they’re rocked when they discover Troy has hired Ajay as his lawyer – and is suing for access to Callum. Meanwhile, Paul tries to convince his PR Zoe that she owes him a date for the anonymous bid she placed on him at the bachelor auction. Zoe initially resists before she gives in and agrees to a brunch. Despite Paul’s best efforts to charm her, however, the date is a flop. When concerned Andrew steps in to dissuade him from pursuing her, Paul follows his advice – only for Zoe to change tack and send him positive signals. Could this be the start of a new romance for Paul?


Wednesday 27th June

Returning home from their trip to Sydney, Jade’s more committed to Kyle than ever. But when she discovers Troy’s back and has asked her boyfriend to do some handyman work, she warns Kyle that everyone ought to keep their distance from their new neighbour. Kyle agrees, but Jade immediately goes against her own words, visiting Troy and demanding he leave. Troy refuses and, knowing how to push all of Jade’s buttons, suggests she should help him in his case for Callum. Retreating to Number 26, Jade continues to keep Kyle from the truth – which is that Troy is her abusive ex-boyfriend. Tash is disgruntled when Vanessa’s baking makes Harold’s more popular than Charlie’s, and hatches a plan to get some of the cakes to sell at the bar. She successfully tugs at Vanessa’s heartstrings and gets her to help, only for her plan backfires when the chef realises she’s been manipulated. Callum’s stunned when he realises Rani’s dad is representing Troy in his lawsuit for access, blasting her for her father’s betrayal. Rani vows to talk to her father and set things right, but has the damage to their friendship already been done?


Thursday 28th June

Lucas’s journey towards accepting fatherhood is cranked up a notch when Vanessa casually mentions she’s having her first ultrasound for the baby. Wanting to involve himself but unsure of how to do so, Lucas offers Vanessa a lift to her appointment. Vanessa sees this as merely practical support and insists she doesn’t need it. Assuming she doesn’t want him there, Lucas resigns himself to stepping back. But when Susan prompts him to think about his own needs and not just Vanessa, Lucas finally steps up to the plate. When Summer learns Red Cotton has been signed to a record label, she realises the cost that Andrew paid when he gave up the band to protect her from Griffin. Wanting to use her skills to somehow repay him, Summer decides to help promote The Right Prescription by writing an article and organising a photo shoot for them. However, when Andrew busts them mid-shoot and demands to know why he wasn’t consulted, Summer fears he won’t see the kind intent behind the gesture. Rhys continues his pursuit of Vanessa, assuring her that he wants to be with her, despite all the complications that her pregnancy brings. But the situation becomes more real when Rhys has to fill in for Vanessa’s doctor and oversee her ultrasound. Is he too close for comfort?


Friday 29th June

Unnerved by his presence as their doctor, Lucas accuses Rhys of manipulating the situation to make himself a part of Vanessa’s ultrasound. When Rhys backs down and leaves, Lucas is glad to get back to his special moment. However, unable to make anything of the ultrasound image, both Lucas and Vanessa feel underwhelmed. But when Karl turns on the sound, they’re confronted by the beauty of their baby’s heartbeat. Considering making himself a regular part of the baby’s life, Lucas confides in Karl and shares his fears about being a disappointing father like his own. When Karl insists it’s up to Lucas to determine what kind of father he wants to be, Lucas finally steps up and asks Vanessa to move in permanently. Bored by her unchallenging course, Tash latches onto Andrew and Chris and tags along to their study session. But with only one performance review to prepare for, relaxed Tash starts to get on their nerves. Needing to distract her, Andrew hands over some of his business studies work, but when he sees she’s enjoyed it more than her own, he calls her on being in the wrong course. Although Tash shuts him down and claims she loves her studies, she decides to drop her course when she’s unable to take her final assessment seriously – but remains unsure as to what she wants to do with her life. Realising that his presence is ruining Vanessa’s special moment, Rhys steps aside and finds a replacement doctor to perform her ultrasound. Will his genuine gesture push Vanessa to reconsider Rhys as a romantic option?

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