What's happening in Home And Away this week? Bianca keeps Heath in the dark about her pregnancy problems!

This week in Summer Bay, Heath is annoyed when Bianca blocks him out and refuses to tell him about the problems she's had in her pregnancy. With thanks to C5!

Monday 18th June

Leaving Heath frustrated over his being kept in the dark, Bianca takes Liam into her confidence over the problems with her pregnancy. When further complications force her to return to the hospital, where she learns that her condition may necessitate a premature delivery, a scuffle breaks out as Heath - having by now overheard the truth - finds Liam there to offer her support. When a falling out with her mum leads Lottie to spend the night at the farm, Dex heeds Sid's warning not to get involved in a fight between his girlfriend and her family - and so turns her down when she asks to stay longer. Meanwhile, with April making known her jealousy over Dex's new relationship, Lottie begins to suspect that her rival might be influencing her boyfriend's decisions. Elsewhere, having discovered he has to sell Mel and Lottie's house in order to pay his fine, Harvey ignores Roo's best efforts to help and shuts himself away from the world.


Tuesday 19th June

With Sid confirming that Bianca's pre-clampsia is endangering not only her life but also that of her baby, Heath struggles with the uncertainty that lies ahead and, unable to get the answers he wants from the doctors, walks out. Ignoring April's pleas for him to be there for Bianca and his child, he hits the bottle, prompting Brax to deliver him a wake-up call. Lottie apologises to Dex for their fight, explaining that she’s also managed to patch things up with her mother. Afterwards, Dex sees that April needs help in light of what her sister’s going through and offers his support. Realising that Dex is still juggling the affections of two women, Sid advises him to make up his mind once and for all. Lottie suggests to Roo they throw Harvey a surprise picnic to cheer him up, but they’re bemused when he rejects their efforts, reasoning that he needs more time alone. Will Roo be able to get through to him?


Wednesday 20th June

Spurred on to visit his father in jail, Heath is first met with an icy reception, but he and Danny soon find themselves having something of a catch-up. As Danny voices his regret over walking away from his family, Heath realises he shouldn't let go of his own - and resolves to do something about it. Even though Sasha’s encouraging, Casey’s reluctant to have his first counselling session. With Natalie refusing to let him off the hook until he starts talking, Casey soon opens up about his father and gets to thinking. But when he broaches the subject at home, Brax shuts him down, insisting they should just be thankful he’s gone. With Romeo back from hospital, Ruby wants to power on with planning for their business, despite Marilyn and Leah’s concerns it might be too much too soon. Meanwhile, Indi pays Romeo a visit, and he’s very happy to see her. When Ruby returns, Indi’s business advice rubs her the wrong way, but she reaffirms Romeo’s enthusiasm when she explains she’s putting $10,000 into his account to buy store merchandise. When a wired Hayley comes to Angelo’s looking for Liam, Brax tells her to get out of his life - but could Heath be about to give her a reason to stay?


Thursday 21st June

Having found out how her actions precipitated Charlie's death, Liam decides to cut all ties with her - prompting her to lash out at Leah for relaying the facts to him in the first place. However, when Liam later finds Hayley defeated, and seemingly about to surrender herself to the ocean, he once again feels obligated to promise his support. Indi’s mortified when she reads her bill for car repairs, with Sid offering cold comfort as he explains she needs to face up to responsibility. When she later bumps into Romeo, Indi mentions she’s dropping out of uni in order to pay her bills. While Sid refuses to bail her out, drawing the line at helping her get her finances in order, Romeo decides to help Indi by secretly sending $8500 of Ruby’s money her way. Can she be persuaded to accept it? Still deeply suspicious of Jett, Xavier asks Gina to open her eyes to the truth. Later discovering that Jett’s quite the gifted student, however, only cements the principal's belief that Jett needs to be given a second chance. Meanwhile, Marilyn runs into danger during a walk on the beach; and Alf returns home from Thailand, surprised to see how much has changed since he’s gone.

Friday 22nd June

Marilyn arrives at the diner, shaken up from her mugging, and having lost both her phone and bag. Having been accompanied home by Irene, Marilyn tries to put on a brave face and downplay the ordeal - but when she later tries to retrace her steps, it doesn't take long for her mask to slip. Convinced he's found the culprit behind Marilyn's mugging, Xavier tries to question a defensive Jett. Hoping to prove her son wrong, Gina encourages the youngster to reveal the contents of his bag, but despite nothing being found, Xavier remains suspicious. After the incident, Gina keeps up her support of Jett – and inadvertently provokes him into making a guilty confession. Elsewhere, after Discovering that Casey is floundering in his studies, Sasha encourages him to ask for a tutor - only for Gina to shoot him down in light of what happened with Henri. Sasha later comes up with the idea of Dex tutoring Casey, but Casey isn’t too keen. Elsewhere, Sasha turns to Dex as a potential new tutor for Casey; and, still feeling ill after his flight, Alf ignores the warning signs - but at what cost?


With thanks to C5!